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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Stop Hitting At StarBuck Goers!!! (3)

Read? Stop Hitting At StarBuck Goers!!! (2)

Even if you are drinking two cups of  StarBuck daily; it will NOT make you deadly broke!

No. It won't!

What can really make you broke and cause you a lifetime cost of daily StarBuck?

You have lost heavily in your investment or gambling.

That is the real killer. It will cause depression and not that Starbuck. 

How many cups of Starbuck can one drink a day?

Who is drinking expensive coffee there?


They are not there to drink expensive coffee and gossip. They are there for serious matters like works, study, business or engage in serious conversation!

Simply; they are renters and not drinkers! Get it?

Some bloggers are so dumb to keep hitting at those StarBuck goers in the name of frugality. Dumb!


  1. Uncle 8888

    People "rent" the ambience of Starbucks and Starbucks knows it very well because their brown and green concept are actually patented.

  2. Uncle, I am not trying to be sarcastic, but seems like you are getting more self-centered......

    1. Its starbucks, not starbuck

    2. If one is really into talking serious conversation, there are many places to go, like toastbox, ya kun, mac, airport etc so its not limited to starbucks only

    3. for starbucks you are paying for their rental and salary ($6+), and in return you get comfort. If you drink kopi at ya kun, or even hawker center (which i like most), you only pay less than $1 for their rental/salary, and the money you save (> $5) you can put back into your bank for future investing, tio bo ? so why spend $6+ for a cup of coffee ?? (if you say for serious conversation again, go back to point #2 please)

    4. You always song song go JB eat buns, the buns there nice right ? so not every people will like going through long queues at custom just to eat buns, there are people who think they would rather spend the time on something else, tio bo ? so the >$5 from starbucks people like to spend somewhere else can bo ?

    5. You are only a few months into your retirement, wait till 7 years later (2024) and then you come back and look at your posts again, your mindset will certainly change, so does your journey of investing from the 1990s.

    6. My advice, try not to be self centered, be more open minded. Because in this world, older people tend to become more eccentric and self centered.

    7. Those people that really enjoy life are those that do not live in the city...

    By the way, Thank you for the post on Boon keng beef noodle, I like it very much, cheap and tasty. I will never ever go back to the kovan one again (expensive and a few pcs of meat only !!)

    1. To lim kopi we can just go kopitiam. Few will go to Starbucks just to lim kopi. Many go there to charge up their laptop to continue working or studying.

    2. Ya sit in there woo liu.

      Can count on my fingers how many cups i have drunk there.

      Just found nothing really "special".

      Will pay (through the nose) if special and i like, without hesitation when yearning comes.

      Like paying for opium lah - Ha! Ha!

  3. Boon Keng beef noodle?

    You mean hawker centre at Bendemeer Rd?

    Marine Parade beef noodle is better i think.

    No lah!

    Young is more self centre because you are more self-concious and worry more about what others think.

    Old is more eccentric because you can't bother with what others think as long as it's none other business to bother.

    1. Where is this Marine Parade beef noodle?

    2. The hawker/market centre opposite MP NTUC.
      i think BLK 85 Marine Parade Centre

    3. Today I went to Marine Parade centre hawker ctr but I can't find the beef noodle and didn't see any stall got long queue. :-(

    4. Sorry, it should be Blk 84 M P Hawker Centre.

      If you google Marine Parade Hawker Certre, you will find Makan Sutra had done an article on the best five food stalls found here.
      The beef stall is supposed from Seremban.

      You should easily find all the favourite stalls as it is a small hawker centre.

    5. M P Central Hawker Centre Blk 84. is the correct to google.

  4. Have you read SMOL's "Young & Stupid"?

    i think it's a must read.

    1. temperament,

      If you free after CNY, just jio me and CW out for kopi.

      You know my email.

      Both of you my seniors.

      Of course I pay ;)

      Starbucks, Ya Kun, Toastbox, anything. Just as long got air-con. I melt easy.

    2. Ha! Ha!
      Have invited CW to call me in one of his bloggings, but also have warned him about my eccentricity.

      Had emailed him my HP No.

      That is i might not answer my phone due to i might not be in Singapore, my phone misplaced somewhere maybe in the toilet, etc...

      i think my eccentricity "scares" him out of his wit...

      Remember i can be temperamental especially in my youngers days.

    3. temperament,

      You 东邪, CW is 北丐, I 西毒 since I like to poke people!

      Don't worry. I've lived with women before. I know temperament ;)


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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