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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Asset and Cash Will Define Your True Financial Stability!!! (2)

Read? Asset and Cash Will Define Your True Financial Stability!!!

This set of statistics is harder to lie!

Singapore's resident population profile.

Do some thinking way ahead of your time. Beware and factor in this scenario in your retirement planning toolkit!

Don't get caught in Asset Rich. Cash Poor when we have thought we have been financially and investment savvy for the best part of our worklife.


  1. CW,

    Asset rich; cash poor needn't be a problem if one is not "married" to our properties.

    Those who are flexible enough to downgrade, life in retirement is not so daunting...

    But its easier said than done. Especially if you equate bricks and mortar as "home".

    To a grasshopper, home is where I am welcomed and happy :)

    And some species of grasshoppers are citizens of the world!

    Can "upgrade" from HDB to landed property if we relocate to another country in retirement. That's if we are socially mobile :)

    Sometimes its not about money matters that limit us. Its our attitude and philosophy on life itself!

    1. Hi SMOL,
      Yah ! Housing in not " home " ,,, is a choice and attitude as you mentioned ,,, we should not only " not married to our property " ,,, but to " divorce our mortgage " towards retirement age,,, of course ,, some may argue that ,,interest rat still low,, why should we pay off our debt if we could get better return from market ,,,but forgot that market is very volatile and uncertain ,,,
      Cheer !

    2. Sometime, readers may not realize the faces behind those writing financial and investment articles are NOT the same kind of faces as them and thinking that these smart advice are also applicable to them too.

    3. STE,

      Its clear from your blog and lifestyle you and I have a common view when it comes to property and home ;)

      You can easily afford private property but you are comfortable staying in HDB estates with the rest of us HDB heartlanders ;)

      You prefer to spend your money on experiential holidays with family!

      Home is when you are with family :)

  2. Of course not.

    Try to talk to those young financial advisers( aka sale people) employed by banks then you know what they try to sell to you doesn't applies to them , of course.


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