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Wednesday 21 December 2016

Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom (3)

Read? Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom (2)

Uncle8888 as financial and investment blogger is more likely to try learn more when he reads something financially interesting and will try to up-skill his own competency to be a Kaypoh.

Actually for him to technically refund his cancelled housing loan of $50K is relatively simple to achieve that similar effect since he has no more earned income in 2017 and 2018.

He knows that few investment bloggers have been doing it already. 

Do you know what arh?


  1. CW,


    I think its a sign of the times when "savvy" financial bloggers are choosing to "invest" their excess funds in CPF rather than risk it in the markets ;)

    Something for bei kambings who are 100% vested to reflect on...

    1. Quote : "savvy" financial bloggers are choosing to "invest" their excess funds in CPF rather than risk it in the markets"

      "savvy" thinks that 2.5% safely in the hand is better than wild wild XX% in the market.

      But; "Gurus" conducting classes said you can do it at 10% to 15%. No problem!

      What wrong with these "savvy" financial writers?

  2. Uncle,

    Your net amt used are so little. Jealous!!!

    1. My recruit pay was $90 hor!

      My ROD pay was $240 hmm!

      My starting pay was $270 leh!

    2. Bro CW,

      Your starting pay $270, Housing cost $24,117.39 (assumed everything paid using CPF). Ratio 89.32.

      Today starting pay for graduate $2,700. Housing cost (3 room flat) $300,000 (estimate, suburb). Ratio 111.11.

      U still better !

    3. LOL! Actually HDB unit cost was $55K. $24K was just HDB housing loan.

      But apple to apple comparison. $55K was the unit at ulu location next to cemetery.

      Home for Living and not for profit taking

      The address for these flats was previously called XXX Punggol Road and later renamed to Hougang Ave 10 to sound not ulu.


      For years, I have to take short cut through cemetery even through late nights but didn't have any ghost stories to tell.

  3. It's an interesting phenomenon in Singapore.

    All things being equal, if one gets married earlier in Singapore and apply for HDB, you'll likely to pay less than you peers who got married much later in life.

    And to add salt to injury, CW, your flat not 3 room ;)


    And to twist the bayonet, older HDB flats are bigger than the current BTOs ones ;)

    1. After stabbing with bayonet, twisting it, adding salt to injury, let's add some poison to the blade too: CPF is much more in the past and because less amt is used, more cpf can be used for retirement :)

      As long as you don't keep upgrading your flat, you should do well in those times :)


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