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Monday, 26 December 2016

Frugality, Time, And Money??? (2)

Read? Frugality, Time, And Money???

Depending on which finance and investment bloggers you ask?

Uncle8888 has recently tobang this brand new Audi Q5 home a few times.

Why buy a new Audi Q5 when Audi's owner is going to retire soon on official retirement age? 

Not frugal? Not financially savvy?

Actually; he wanted to buy a cheaper one; but his wife told him to get the Audi. She told him off. Do you want to bring your money to your coffin?

Hmm ... Okay!

Depending on which finance and investment bloggers you ask?

Do we really want to bring tons of our money to the coffin and let others happily spend them for us?

Isn't better to spend on our beloved ones when we can still see them happily enjoying on our spending? 

The worst case is letting strangers becoming our last minute good friends to help us to spend our money.


  1. My aim was a "Honda Civic 2.0". for sometimes.

    Couldn't overcome my "frugality mindset" and bought a Brand new Toyota Vios instead.

    68 going to 69 scraped my 10 year-old Vios.

    Decided no need a car anymore.

    BMW for about a week.

    Suddenly my B-I-L offered me his 9.5 year-old (FOC just paid him PARF) the "HONDA CIVIC 2.0" which actually he has intention to keep.

    He could do this because his wealthy friend offered him, his 10 year-old LEXUS which was in very good conditions

    Life is very strange indeed.

    i mean i have given up (for good) owning a car, therefore there goes my dream of my owning a "HONDA CIVIC 2.0"
    Which actually i don't think or feel about it.

    When my B-I-L made the offer to me, i even hesitated for about a week.

    i have been driving my "dream Car" for about 1.5 years already.

    To me the car is GOD's Sent.


    Because i know i can still afford a Brand New HONDA CIVIC 2.0 but i don't want to drive because we don't really need a car but as a "LUXURY" only.

    Then out of nowhere, come this "Dream car"

    Next month, walk downstairs can hop onto DTL.

    But the convenience of a car is really too expensive to pay for lol.

    The things you got when you don't expect it, you will enjoy more out of it.

    1. When we became dementia whatever money we have under our name will somehow disappear to somewhere. Strange!


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