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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Our Last 20 to 30 Years May Not Be What We Expect When We Are Delaying Our Gratifications To Our Future

Since Uncle8888 has plenty of free time and no additional transportation cost; he can easily travel to anywhere in Singapore including JB without having to blink his eyes on transportation cost to jio them for kopi. 

After meeting a few senior folks; he came to realize about this delay gratifications and not doing what we have wished to do but we choose to delay it for the sake for delay gratification. What we don't know is that our health, energy, and strength doesn't wait for us; but our time may wait for us to arrive. 

But; when that time finally came or nearer; we then realize that we no longer can; but that is not what we are delaying our gratification for. Life is sometime that cruel. Delay gratification for the sake of our future when we can really do it now without too much impact to our future! 

Time can wait; but sometime our health, energy, and strength can't.

Real life lessons to think about it!

The Future Me is not what we are expecting when we are still younger and stronger!


Can only go for cruise!

Why cruise?

Cannot really walk too long.


1 comment:

  1. After a lifetime of living within or below your means, can you so easily change?

    Now that you can afford a Lexus, will you buy?

    Is living life with simple wants happier or a lot of unsatified wants?



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