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Thursday 15 December 2016

Option trading As Passive Income is still Hot!!!

When market is never of short of Bei Kambing. 

There will be instruments, platform and courses available for bei kambing!

Greed will lead to stupidity!

Read?  Police warn of rise in online scams involving binary options; over $1 million lost to unregulated trading platforms

While binary options trading is attractive as it sounds simple and there are often promises of high, quick and safe returns, the police warned that binary options are in fact speculative and risky.

Many online platforms offering such trading are also fraudulent.

How binary options work: the trader tries to predict whether the price of an underlying asset (such as shares, currencies and commodities) will be above or below a specified price at a specified point in time, which can range from a few minutes to a few months in the future.

Read? The Story Of The Duck

Any instruments that are NOT play in regulated and transparent platform where we can see with our own eyes on other market players' action and reaction is the Story of the Duck!

Do Bei Kambings get it?


  1. Sometime we just ask ourselves why the trainers and the helpers who are closest to wealth building machines are still slogging hard at seminar site.

    1. The trainers are giving back to the society?

      The helpers are the good Samaritans?

    2. CW,

      Yesterday I was having kopi with a young 27 year old blogger and the conversation somehow came to bucket-shops of the 70s and 80s.

      He's too young to know them.

      I told him now they have morphed into "fraudulent" spot forex brokers.

      There are so many reputable and regulated forex brokers/banks out there; but no...

      Still got bei kambings prefer to trade with unknown small and never heard of spot forex brokers???

      The same goes for binary options. Can trade with the established and top binary option brokers in UK, but...

      These bei kambings should ask you and me out for kopi and we can explain what are "bucket-shops".


      Maybe jio temperament too? He used to work for one!

    3. Most people are easily inspired by large number! Just show them Large Number!

      Large gains! Large %! Large profits! Large Passive Income! Large Dividends!

      But; how they easily forgotten what is actually BEHIND this Large Number.

      It is either HARD work or SCAM!

  2. Some of the bei kambings also professionals?

    They are definitely not ignorance, just too greedy and fall into get rich quick scam.

  3. It's addictive. I tried it some time back ago called binary options. Minimum can be as Low as $2.


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