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Saturday, 6 August 2016

O & G : Long And Harsh Winter For The Next Three Years!

Uncle8888's Top Three Holding i.e. Kep Corp, SembCorp Ind and DBS in his long-term investment and CORE dividends is directly exposed to O & G - It will be a long and harsh winter!

His CORE dividends will likely to be at its lower point since Jan 2000.

With NO more earned income from his Human Asset and highly exposed to O & G - A long and harsh Winter; there will be no more talking Cock and sing Song in the stock market.

This Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading retail investor will be put into true and real test by Mr. Market!

How much stress on his Net Worth's Balance Sheet to maintain sustainable retirement income for life will depend on his last 16 years of learning in the stock market and graduated with his Masters in Stock Market and now studying for his PhD. in Stock Market and full-time soon.

Read? How do you grade your investment skills?

No Bullshit! Real Person. Real Outcome. Sustainable Retirement Income For Life and Net Worth's Balance Sheet will depend on his reaction to Mr. Market over the next three years.

With plenty of free time on hand, no more @#$% excuse anymore!

The Cash Flow Crystal Ball grazing into 2019 ....


  1. LOL!

    Now you understand why I must fight "Passive Indexing" with all my might?

    Soon you'll be doing it full time just like me.

    The day when you or me switch to passive indexing, its the day we CAPITUALTE.

    When that day comes, don't poke me. Give me a shoulder to cry on... It's never pretty when a man looks into the mirror and discover he does not have the mojo anymore...

    I wonder why no one goes to Hong Lim Park to scream GIC and Temasek should switch to passive indexing? Can save a whole army of active money managers and their support buy-side analysts?


  2. Replies
    1. I suppose you have enough Fat to survive the long and harsh Winter. How Polar Bears survive?

    2. No lah!

      i think snake is also the same leh.

      Though it may not be winter.

      In fact one big meal is enough to last them a long time before the next meal.

      Have you heard a snake trying to swallow an elephant?
      Ha! Ha!

      And i think Oil Cartel will never be the same again because of Shale oil.

      Besides, more and more research into alternative energy.

      Imagine one day all cars are electric cars.

      What about alternative energy for ocean ships?

      i think the Saudi knows something we don't know, yet.

      That's why they don't cut back their oil pumping.

      In fact they maintain or increase their market's share.

      What do you think?

      Is oil going to become a "Sunset Scene"?

      If so, What will happens to Keppel Corp & Semb Corp?

    3. Hmmm... having invested in these stocks is not worst off then those who their whole career all they know is oil and gas!

      maybe can provide some relief if u think this way!

    4. Just like a good electronics technician is versatile to learn to service and repair "any" equipment or machine; so is a good sale person can sell "anything" after a little familiarization training .

      Where got problem for you, so talented?

      May be you will selling things that belong to you(you own the coy lol).

      If that day comes , don't forget what this old man says if he is still around.

      No worry for you lah!

      Ha! Ha!

    5. Hi temperament,

      My neck long liao. Sometimes I was wondering, the best thing I hope to sell is to sell more love to the world today!


      All of us have becomes too much slave to money and power. Just look at the chaotic world today, just look at the potential two leaders upcoming for US!

      We need more peace than money, isn't it?

  3. Of course the World always goes after money and power and not love.
    Even sometimes those who train to spread love around and among us are not able to really forsake M & P.
    Don't be mistaken i am not saying they should live as the poor and under privilege.

    1. I still believe that a good person with more money can help more than a good person with lesser money. Intention and thought is good but resources at hand does matter.

    2. No!

      Not only he is a good person, he is a man of God in S. Africa who spreads the Good News.

      One day he relise that if he has more resources(money), he can do more for the poor and people in need, not only spreading love.

      So not only he continues as a man of God, he also becomes a business man on the side.

      This i had read some where quite a long time ago.

      i hope what i read is the truth.

      But it is very easy for outsiders to think he is still after M & P.

  4. Totally agree! And the pursuit of money and power while not inherently benevolent but the process can also equip a person with knowledge and experience which otherwise is almost impossible to get.

    That is why my ex boss after >30 yrs creating his business chasing for wealth and power and name, after he realised and enlightened now with all the $ is more influential in helping others than an average Joe next door.


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