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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Sell And Buy Back Lower???

Another conventional market wisdom : Sell And Buy Lower!

Anyone who is old enough will know how to talk Male Chicken in their mother tongue or second language!

Many years of doing that but no talking Male Chicken and knowing it is not that easy!

Keppel Corp : 15 years

Semcopr Ind : 14 years

DBS : 13 years

and plus many rounds some more but still got stuck hor!

Read? Kep Corp

Read? Sembcorp Ind

Read? DBS


  1. Hee hee.

    If easy, who would want to write alamak emails to you?

    And jio you for kopi to seek your expert advice?

    1. Just knock and knock. May be one door will open. Part of sales training. Right?

    2. CW,


      If we sales talk to 10 peole 1 person buy; then to double our income, we just need to:

      1) Talk to 20 people (Work harder)

      2) Make a sale to 2 persons for every 10 people we sales talk (Work more efficient)

      Works the same for investing and trading :)

      How to discover a 10 bagger? Discover 99 others that ain't! (The Thomas Eddison way)


      Ar ber then?

    3. You can see I am still discovering the next potential 10 bagger; one at a time but don't ask me which one now. LOL!

  2. your TA no good lah lol

    i am obviously joking.
    if so easy, can someone else show me?


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