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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Portfolio Management - Stop Losses? (2) - Refresh

Uncle if a counter already drop 76% and left 6k

will u decide to leave it there for speculation purpose. if can ride the oil and gas storm, the salty fish may become fresh fish again.
else, all money will be gone.
what will u do?
When it is too late and quite meaningless to cut losses to recover so little. Just write it and move on. This is how commercial or business does it!
Just that retail investors don't have the heart to write it off. It is basic accounting principle. Right?
Minimum we as retail investors must know this. Right?
3M's in Investing.
Method. Mind. Money Management.
Once we write it off and take the paper loss to make it into book keeping "realized loss"; it will affect our  investment portfolio XIRR or CAGR; but there is No cheating whatsoever. It has been rightful accounted.
Write it off and move on!
Keep worrying over it as paper losses will suck our energy!


  1. Of course, of course.
    Who says he never has to is bluffing.
    Maybe he hasn't really invested long enough.

    1. Either u write it off in the book or write it off on your mind! hehe


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