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Monday, 15 August 2016

Blog To Achieve or blog to Escape???

Borrow SMOL's England: Blog To Achieve or blog to Escape. :-)
Once after a long time, Uncle8888 may read again and again something on another investment blogger sulk and whine, "I don't blog anymore!"

It is not just strawberry generation is like that. Even older generation than strawberry can also behave like that. "I don't blog anymore!"

Hmmm ...  They just love some people to come and sayang them to continue blogging?

Blog to achieve or blog to escape?



  1. CW,

    I think some of us have witnessed such behaviours during our corporate life...

    Got negative feedback from customer/manager/boss, the next day come storming, "I don't want work here anymore!"

    I very bad. The day after I'll poke, "Eh? Why you still here?"

    We both would laugh it off.

    But inside our hearts, we know his "stature" in the workplace is slightly diminished... He is just another one of those "say say only" guys...

  2. Who who? Who don't want to blog anymore? lol

  3. it's 以退为进, especially when the person still bother to spend the effort and include all the href links to the old posts in the 'complaint'. lol


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