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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

An option of a CPF LIFE plan with escalating payouts


CW8888's Tap 1 is something similar to DIY escalating payouts from his CPF OA


  1. Let say at 65 year old you start your CPF life.

    At what age is the cross over?

    After the cross over, how many years to reach "break even point" (to recover the money you lost until the cross over.

    Is the cross over point the same for everyone?

    What about the cross over point if you start to withdraw at 68?

    Is this another red herring or real benefit for only a few who have very long life?

    Anyone like to be a maths teacher?

    My maths is koyak one!

    i know banks like to promote "products like this" because many people maths are not so good leh.

    1. Any CPF members with excess fund in their CPF OA can easily DIY their own version CPF Escalating at anytime after 65 and any amounts per annum.

      Guess too many CPF members bo chap and rather leave it to Cheng Hoo but cow peh cow boo.

      Come come. Show how to DIY for coffee at ToastBox. LOL!

    2. temperament,

      Can't remember where I read it, but I think if we live beyond 85 we "benefit".

      If we go sell salted eggs before 85, then we are subsidising those with longer lives than us.

      It's the reverse of Life insurance. Those with long lives are subsidising those who go sell salted eggs early.

      Just take a look at the obituaries page. Perhaps its selective perception. I see quite a lot go around 65-70. Retire and go?

      So like the Hokkiens say, "Mai tu liao!"

      Want to eat, eat.

      Want to do, do!

      Don't wait till after 65 then you start living ;)

    3. When we start asking the Professionals for advice. How can they suggest simple advice to overcome pressing issue?

      Must sound like coming out from insider domain skills or knowledge. :-)

  2. No lah,

    CPF in OA should be used for Bullet in a "Bear Market"

    And as an "Emergency Bond".

    1. Old ginger more than just spicy. It can remove Wind. Blow away Wind! :-)


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