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Monday, 29 August 2016

Good Part -Time Business To Own (5)

Read? Good Part -Time Business To Own (4)

Next month, Sep 2016 will be the last month that Uncle will be monetizing his time, energy and effort as full-time employee earning salary.

He will move from owning part-time business to full-time.

It is business of minding his own business with no suppliers, no customers, no staff, no peers and NO bosses setting KPIs for him.

Now, he sets his own KPIs based on 3Ms - Method, Mind and Money Management. It is something that he has done before over the last 16 years;  more or less he has made it autonomous. It doesn't matter whether he meets his KPIs or not as there is no penalty or performance appraisal by bosses.

He is his own boss!

Earn more. Spend a little more!

Earn less. Spend lesser!

In investing, once our Mind is seasoned and salty and we are ready at all time mentally and financially to write it off.

It is less stressful as knowing that we just need a few good ones to overcome many sour ones.

Once we know ourselves we can choose to ignore whatever investing theories or concepts that are advocated by others. When we know we are not Nail; why are we looking for Hammers for inspiration and guidance.

So it is important that we know ourselves and our track records will rightfully point to the way forward how we should be minding our own business.


  1. CW8888 : All the best to your own business(es) and becoming your own boss (full time). Does it means you got more or less time to have kopi with me (for the first time)? Hahaha


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