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Sunday 1 March 2015

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (3)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (2)

Why do we keep thinking that everybody need to invest for their retirement?

This 56 years old colleague in Uncle888's office doesn't believe in investing. No matter how Uncle8888 talks passionately about long-term investing and retirement income for life. He just smiles it off. 


He is another super saver who lives simply. 

He doesn't travel at all. 

He does not have a Passport and Uncle8888 was shocked to hear that. No passport!

How does he spend his annual leaves?

He mostly cleared his annual leaves to watch movies during weekdays. Cheaper!

Some folks really no need to invest???

This is something we as financial and investment bloggers need to take note too. May be it is nothing new at all! It has been like that for a long time just we did not probe much into other people's financial lifestyle.


  1. In nutshell, no investment is sure lose due to inflation.

    I guess your friend might have other means to protect his wealth by not losing to inflation.

    CPF SA is one safe way.

  2. Hi CW,

    We can share our view points, but if the receiving party does not buy it, it's better not to push. Respect them, not our biz! :-)

    Different people different lifestyles. Better to focus on making our own enriching than to telling others how it should be.

    But our children are different when they were young, They are running our blood, hence it still can be our focus to at least inculcate "what we think is right" into them before they entering into the real world, and have their own way of life. That is when we will be overwritten by them.

    Your friend has no passport, no investment, etc, for me, it's good to know they exist! :-)

    1. How serious is the impact of inflation to super savers who don't buy and spend a lots once their home is fully paid

      Air, parks and beaches are free from inflation. Right?

      Personal inflation is different from market inflation and impact can be vastly different.

      Read? Personal Inflation Rate and Market Inflation Rate - Revisit

  3. I had no passport till my late 20s :)

  4. Over the last year I have also learn when you save a high percentage of income (45% of my income saved), things like investment return, inflation, interest rates and dividend yield matter a whole lot less. Most of our financial success can just be attributed to a high savings rate.
    High percentage of income saved and investment a portion of your savings is a paradigm shift for me. I work 1 year and get to ~1 year income free. So if you worked 10 years, you can live without having to work another 10 years.

    1. I also began to understand some folks better. They are super savers and live simple lifestyle so they are less affected by inflation. Why do they need more money from investment and subject them to emotional roller coaster ride across market cycles? A peace of mind is priceless?

      Inflation will impact aggressive consumers of goods and services. These consumers will have to find ways and means to overcome inflation.

  5. Hi CW,

    Savers can be wealthy too. My wife started work around the same time as me. She doesn't invest. She just saves and live below her means. Her current net worth is several multitudes higher than mine.

    I was impressed.

  6. Hi CW,

    Savers can be wealthy too. My wife started work around the same time as me. She doesn't invest. She just saves and live below her means. Her current net worth is several multitudes higher than mine.

    I was impressed.

    1. Not investing does NOT necessary mean they are NOT financially savvy!

      May be they are more financially savvy than those retail investors who keep losing their money. See at the number of CPF members losing their money.

      Read? Investing CPF funds to provide adequate retirement funding???


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