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Saturday 28 March 2015

Return On Human Asset vs Return On Financial Assets???

The Road to Financial Independence may actually be shorter and faster via higher return on human asset WITH higher saving rate.

Shouldn't the younger ones be more focus on generating higher return on their human asset with higher saving rate?

You can see Uncle8888's Return on his human asset vs. Return on his financial assets over the last 15 years since Jan 2000 and make your own judgement.

But, we must also be fully aware that our human asset may have limited growth capability. One day we might not even notice that our human asset has started depreciating and will depreciate down to zero value.

In our working life, in the 1st half we should focus more on our human asset and in the 2nd half we can let our financial assets supplement the return on our human asset. Finally, one day our financial assets will be able to take over the role of providing us the cash flow for life.


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      Your words of truth can't compete with the spinners of dreams: "Did you trade with us? Just made $XXXX in just one day!

      Why focus on work skills when we can make money in triple quick time?

      Ah! But the inhalers of such dreams never stop to ask:

      "If these peddlers are making such money, why are they bothering with seminars and subscription services?

      And why are they not fund managers or some hot shot prop trader hired by institutions?

      I mean to be dealing with "retail" is pretty much at the bottom of the pecking order right?"


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Some years back, I was following quite closely the blog of Snake Oil K. Sometime, I would comment in his Un-moderated comments for those clear-cut controversial and Buay Tahan posts.

      Actually, it was quite fun reading all sorts of comments and his defensive replies.

      One day, I commented he will like other past Snake Oil will remove this Comment Box. Like what I have commented. The Comment Box was finally removed so that he could move on with his direct selling without any"distractions" to many naive "retail". LOL!

      One day, he posted about his life changing moment that he was invited for an interview by Hedge Fund based in Singapore for a job.

      His dream job of working in fund hedge to make tons of money with his Snake Oil Magic. He said that the Hedge Fund must be very impressed with his Snake Oil Magic to offer him an interview.

      But, instead of working in hedge fund, today he is still charming "retail" with something like "Most clients who took our Whatsapp Alerts made $$".

      My intelligent guess, his Snake Oil Magic didn't charm the interviewers at the Hedge Fund. Right?

      :-) :-) :-)

    4. Good post.

      in reply to comments, now most oils in market come with labels such as natural, wholesome, healthy. Not surprising seeing how kellogg cornflakes was marketed as healthy breakfast.

      so they too evolved. More massively subtle marketing. That makes it sustainable until they have to expand their operations overseas.

      When the more innocent masses dwindle to a streetwise few, I would like to see how sustainable it is, when the pumping action by the believing disciples ceases to make their proclaimed prophecies self fulfilling.

  2. Benchmarking Return on our Financial Assets to our human asset is more practical and realistic. It me and myself. :-)

  3. Our advice to undergraduates are so different from other investment bloggers; but not so nice to listen and so unexpected. You mean you ask me to work hard on my job? No way!

    1. CW,

      You give advice hor; I don't.

      I just poke.

      Like my ah ma and mother when I followed them to the wet markets when young - poke fish, poke orange. See if fresh or not ;)


  4. Most people doesn't look that far to the future. This 'spend now, worry later' mindset, or betting hope on '12 million' toto etc was all that they have inside their financial dictionary.

    I could advise them but the answers I usually get is 'bo bian le' or 'Life is short, why not enjoy life'. Yuh. Life is short. So why work our life away for money, when we can work out a plan and one day be free from it. But most of time my words fall on blocked ears anyway. I guess just like Temperament had said, some people have to learn things through the hard ways then finally wake up.


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