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Monday 23 March 2015

Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk - Mersing

 Read? On BLog Leave from 22 to 23 Mar 15

A fishing town with many fishing boats.

Uncle8888 chooses to stay in Fishing Bay Resort than Mersing Beach Resort so that he can easily walk to the Fishing Jetty in Air Papan to watch fishermen unloading their catch

One 16 Kg giant Sting Ray!

Instead of taking aircon bus MAJU Larkin - Mersing Express back to JB, Uncle8888 did something different by travelling to Kota Tinggi.  He wanted to re-call his experience of old days bus travel in 60s/early 70s in Singapore i.e. no air-con bus with driver and bus Conductor. For this experience, he has to pay a bit more. :-( 

Sound silly?

Mersing - Kota Tinggi RM 9 and Kota Tinggi - Larkin RM 4.80. Total is RM 13.80

Direct MAJU Larkin - Mersing Express back to JB is only RM 12.50

It has been long, long time when wind is blowing directly into his face during a bus ride. LOL!


  1. CW,

    Fond memories right?

    RM1.30 is but a small price to relive the days of air-come buses ;)

    Sometimes silly is fun!

    Remember we had to stand on the seats to open/close the vents on top of the buses?

    And when it rains, how we "volunteered" to close all the windows of the buses and the driver uncle will shout "10 Q!"

    Oh! The bus tickets were so colourful then.

    1. Old bumpy and noisy bus. But okay for tourist to relive his old days for a single bus trip. LOL!

  2. Hi guys,

    I also like the old buses..in fact, I was quite resistant to the idea of air conditioned bus and if I can help it, I'd rather not take that. I like to sit on a bus and think, and the wind blowing into my face plus the sights AND smells of each area is something that is much less sterile than sitting in an air conditioned bus.

    But these days, I had a chance to relive those sight and smell. The air con of my car cannot make it already, so we always wind down the window to drive. Each area has a distinct smell to it. Sometimes we can smell the coffee, sometimes the food in the region. Mostly it's the flowers. In different seasons, you can smell the scent of the flowers. You can hear the streets 'talking' while you transverse through it.

    Maybe I'm already practicing 'bus meditation' back then LOL


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