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Monday, 28 July 2014

Why Uncle8888 likes The Motley Fool Singapore???

Now Uncle8888 can conveniently read The Motley Fool Singapore in one of his blog links.

Uncle8888 read this .... Ha Ha!

We regular bus riders can be a strange lot, sometimes. If you want proof, just take a good look around the next time you hop on board a bus in Singapore.

For instance, we have the “aisle-hoggers”. These are the people who – once they secure an aisle seat on the bus – will steadfastly refuse to budge. It seems that the simple act of shifting over to the seat by the window – to let another passenger sit down more easily – is almost as painful as having teeth pulled.

Next, we have the “exit-hoggers”. These commuters can be almost as exasperating as the aisle-hoggers. They spend most of the bus journey milling around the exit door, even if they don’t intend to disembark for some time. Until they do get off the bus though, they make it awkward for anyone else to alight easily.

Why do people do this?

Quite frankly I have no idea. It is almost as though they are terrified that they might not be able to get off the bus when they want. But to my knowledge, no one has ever been held against their will on a Singapore bus.

Leave when you want

Something similar goes on in the stock market. It seems that no sooner has someone bought a stock than they are already planning an exit strategy. They are already looking at how to dump the stock they have only just purchased.

Taking profit, it has to be said, can never be a bad thing. After all, no one ever went broke by taking a profit. But simply selling a stock because we have made a quick buck misses the point behind investing, altogether.

For instance, did you know that no fewer than eight constituents of the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) have delivered total returns in excess of 20% a year over the last decade? These include casino operator Genting Singapore (SGX: G13), Singapore Exchange (SGX: S68) and industrial conglomerate Sembcorp Industries (SGX: U96).

A 20% return means than an investment in any one of the eight companies in 2004 would have sextupled over ten years. Or to put it in even simper terms, a $5,000 investment would have turned into $30,000 after just ten years, if you had bought, held and reinvested the dividends.

Read? Would You Like A 20% Annual Return?

Read?Articles for Sembcorp Industries Ltd. (SGX: U96)

Why Uncle8888 likes The Motley Fool Singapore?

The Motley Fool Singapore often made him smile.

You know why. Right?

What is your best guess?

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