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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Greatest Traders vs. Greatest Investors???

 Who are the greatest traders?

Okay. Throw some names?

Jesse Livermore?

He is often quoted in many trading previews, seminars, forums, chat boxes or by bloggers.

Richard Dennis?

He proved that traders can be trained by doing it!
Who are the greatest investors?

Undisputed. This is Mr. Warren Buffet.

One more name?

Peter Lych. The man who coined the word - multi-bagger.

Now, who don't love holding multi-baggers in their portfolio?


 Greatest Traders vs. Greatest Investors?

What is their difference?

Hmm ...

Jesse Livermore and Richard Dennis

Up, Down and Out!


Warren Buffet and Peter Lych

Warren Buffet: Up and Donate!

Peter Lych: Up and Retire rich!

See the difference?



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  1. That's why I always say nothing counts until U say Sayorana.

  2. The difference was Jesse L. commited suicide.

    IIRC, all his sons too.

    And why had to commit suicide if so successful?

    NB: Extract /////////

    {This is what Jesse Livermore wrote in his suicide note to his wife:

    My dear Nina:
    Can't help it. Things have been bad with me. I am tired of fighting. Can't carry on any longer. This is the only way out. I am unworthy of your love. I am a failure. I am truly sorry, but this is the only way out for me. Love Laurie"

    After reading it, it send shivers throughout my body. It is a wake up call for all traders who are:

    1) Ignoring family love at the cost of trading profits

    2) Getting more and more greedier by taking phenomenal risks.

    3) Complicating life through thinking or general mess

    4) Not satisfied with the current wealth they have

    5) Taking lot of stress,depression and anxiety medicines

    6) Ignoring healthy living primarily because of trading stress

    WAKE UP CALL. A millionaire of 20s ends up doing suicide.

    #1 Dec 12, 2010 Share
    kmiklas likes this.
    Actually there is a more simple explanation. It is pretty common knowledge that he was bi-polar or what was then known as being manic-depressive. Without proper medication, bi-polar disorder often leads to suicide. There is widespread mental illness in his family as evidenced through his three sons, all of which committed suicide.

    It's my guess as well that his trading probably exasperated his mood cycles and his mood cycles most likely exasperated his p&l. What is amazing to me to this day is how one could become as successful as he did in spite of his mental illness. That truly is amazing.

    #2 Dec 12, 2010 Share


    Not anyone can be a trader.

    When U are still young u can take the stress.

    i remember my wife told me many bank traders got burn-out at 30, 40 plus.

    Now who want to be a trader?

    Without being one, already can feel life is quite stressful at times.

    So who is or what is your ANCHOR for living or for life is best.

    Money, money, money, can't take along with U, honey, over the rainbow.

  3. Another 2008 crisis in the making?


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