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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Stress Test on Investment Portfolio for the next Fat Bear!

When the next Fat Bear strikes!

(Carnegie 49)

 If you have a worry problem, do these three things: 

1. Ask yourself: “What is the worst that can possibly happen?
2. Prepare to accept it if you have to. 
3. Then calmly proceed to improve on the worst.

 Stress Test on Investment Portfolio for the next Fat Bear!

Current Portfolio @ 25 Jul 2014


1. Doing nothing now i.e. no more re-balancing of portfolio.

2. Current holding stocks drop 50% from last Friday market closing price.

3. Start deploying War Chest after STI turns Bear i.e. drop of 20% from its recent peak.

4. New positions from War Chest drop an average of 30% from their initial investment cost.


Stress Test Result:


Benchmark against CPF OA rate @ 2.5% return?

Just don't feel that bad at market low should be okay.

Can recover. Right?


  1. Hi Uncle CW8888,
    War Chest all kept in bank (non-FD) or biscuit tin?
    Close to 50% war chest matching portfolio, is your suggestion for now?
    When STI drop 20%, do we deploy war chest gradually or at one go?

    1. Some ready cash for fast actions and the rest in FD.

      When opportunities strikes, we will have enough time to cash out FDs one at a time and no bother with the early termination penalty fee.

      Many nice birds in the bush to catch. LOL!

  2. very important lessons from real person, real examples on The Salted Fish :-

    1. Good one!

      Hope more retail bloggers will do more real life, real people, real examples posting so that newbies can expect those pains waiting for them.

      It is not like spending 15 to 20 mins a day to become rich. No pain Many gains!

  3. My experiences tell me i am always too impatient ("Kan Cheong Spider") Too early to buy and to early to sell. Heck! Who cares? As long as i make some money, who cares? As long as i am living and want to invest, i am still learning lol. i am still trying to improve on my patience. (read my fear and greed).

  4. For you, you go to the sea of water to hone your patience. For me i hone my patience in the (“人 山 人 海”) crazy sea of people in the stock market. Always thinking how to get better at "fishing".

  5. Hope the next fat bear coming soon.. ;-)

    1. You are ready to upgrade to fat wallet for fat bear?


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