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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

17th New Record set by Uncle8888's Investment Portfolio in 2014

Read? 16th New Record set by Uncle8888's Investment Portfolio in 2014

When Market throws you .....

What would you do?



  1. CW,

    I didn't know your lack of self-confidence is so deep. You poor thing. It's OK now.

    Let it go.

    We accept you,

    You don't have to try so hard to win our approval.

    Come'on guys! Group hug time!

  2. Hi Uncle8888,

    With the records tumbling down on a daily basis, I was wondering if it's a signal for you to divest part of your holdings.

    But then I realise that you already have almost 50% of your assets in cash. I am sure that's already a significant warchest!

    My 15HWW

  3. Getting ready all the warchest and waiting for the right time to chiong soon? ;-)

  4. CW,

    I respect you.

    Just giving you a shove while you are still at the wheel in case you doze off again...

    Even if you are 50% into cash, another big hair-cut on the 50% vested part is not fun to have.

    The last time shit happened when you were chasing for that last few extra % gains to hit the self-imposed goals of yours - the market doesn't care.

    This time round, big trumpet your new record highs, does it mean anything? STI goes up 10 points its another new record high. Tomorrow goes down 5 points that new record high "disappears" - it's transitory.

    Those got high personal development don't benchmark themselves against others. That leaves the majority others who only care only about themselves.

    Put these 2 groups of people together means no one cares about your new record highs.

    Don't forget WHY you started on this journey of investment in the first place. Unless of course it's adulation from others you were after all along...

  5. Everyday find new records in your portfolio to blog about. Everyday renew confidence in ur strategy. Not easy hor.

    Look on the bright side also good. Most ppl find more and more flaws as they look more and more.


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