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Monday, 7 July 2014

S'pore consortium to develop Myanmar special economic zone

SINGAPORE: A Singapore-based consortium led by CPG Consultants has been appointed to develop the master plan for one of three large special economic zones planned by Myanmar that will include a deep-sea port and an industrial park.

The CPG consortium that will help plan the development of Myanmar's Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone (SEZ) include real estate services firm DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP and consultancy Global Maritime And Port Services (GMAPS).

Kyauk Phyu, in western Myanmar, is one of three SEZs earmarked for development by the country's government. The other two SEZs are Dawei in the south of the country and Thilawa, which is near Yangon.

When fully developed, the Kyauk Phyu SEZ will cover some 75 square kilometres.

The consortium will invite interested firms to submit their expressions of interests in July 2014 for phase one of the economic zone, which will include three key elements -- development of a deep sea port, an industrial park, and an integrated residential area with education, health care, and recreational facilities.

On its part, the Myanmar government will upgrade the existing road network in Kyauk Phyu SEZ.

A new power plant and power lines are also under construction, CPG said.

CPG declined to say how much development of the SEZ is expected to cost.

CPG Consultants is a subsidiary of CPG Corp, the corporate entity that was once Singapore's Public Works Department.


  1. an industrial park, and an integrated residential area with education, health care, and recreational facilities.

    Kep Corp got chance?

    With its experience with China's Tianjin's Eco City show case

  2. How abt Sembcorp? They have experience in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

    1. Sembcorp can do industrial park but don't have proven property development arm to do integrated residential area with education, health care, and recreational facilities. It has just restarted its property development unit so no real experience yet.

    2. I see. From my perspective, I think Sembcorp has a better fit than Keppel for an emerging market like Myanmar.

      From my perspective, at this point in time, Myanmar requires industrialisation for economic development to create employment rather than the commercial/residential portion. Sembcorp has experience creating employment and economic engine in Indonesia and Vietnam.

      Anyway, Tianjin Eco-city is a government-to-government project, which is usually driven by political rather than commercial reasons. Furthermore, Tianjin is a tier 1 city which is very different the conditions in Myanmar.

    3. LOL!

      Either Kep Corp or Sembcorp win this tender. I am okay. I have both.

    4. haha. lets see who will bid for it!


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