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Saturday 28 June 2014

The Biggest Mistake Retail Investors Make - Trust but Verify???

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The idea of these two rotten durians came from attending stock market view and company profiling organised for retail investors by an association. Branded Speakers. No Play Play!

Trust but verify.

Of course, verified okay. Hoot!

Down leh!

Trust but verify Verification confirmed. Hoot and average down!

Down again!

Trust but verify Couldn't find anything wrong. Hoot and average down!

Down again!

Where and how to verify?

Trust. Trust. Trust!


  1. CW,

    Your post now even more cryptic than mine ;)

    For the benefit of those newer to investing, allow me to shed some light.

    Trust but verify is not so effective if from the very start, we put others on a pedestal - like idol worship.

    Verification is highly dependent on an independent mind. If our mind is already "poisoned" by ideas from our idols, then there is only trust (in our idols), there's little verification (by independent you) .

    That's why those who fell for land banking and gold trading scams - if asked what verification they did, will confidently reply the stock answers that were PROVIDED by their promoters. And they don't see the irony in that!!!???

    1. Once you idolised someone, it's as good as being addicted to something. No amount of logic or common sense can bring you back to your senses.
      So can someone idolised or addicted to a stock?
      Yes, anything is possible in life.

    2. I have cured myself through Cold Turkey from addiction to Idols and Super Stars.

      I have not attended any of these stock market view and company profiling organized by this association for the last 2 - 3 years.


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