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Thursday 19 June 2014

Stop Loss???

Uncle8888 likes this quote for stop loss ....

Do or do not. There is no try - Master Yoda

Mistakes made near the Bull may not be the same mistakes near Bear bottom.


  1. Wise words from the Master.

    Catch no ball?

    Now we have to go to Mt Faber Hill to do deep thought.

    Bt Timah Hill closed liao. Right?

  2. If you lost 20% of your investment you need 25 to recover (breakeven)
    40% - 66% to recover.
    50% - ?% to recover.

    Have you lost 50% of your stock portfolio before?
    i have had it more than 1 times.
    Those were really scary times.
    i think i better be not too greedy anymore.

    i think this topic is related to should you buy "Pyramid Up" or "Pyramid Down"

    There is a theory on Pyramid Buying. But like all theory, try to remember, "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

    Yogi Berra

  3. sorry hor! take a "rest" here, being kick out everywhere i go haha (knn!)

    temperament, being an investor, why you should care so much the stock price goes? company got make money and potential growth good enough, unless you have a trading mindset.

    the lady boss who own the cafe also do not cut loss one, she stand her ground against the trader blogger who thinks he has the right in her premises, almost throw him out in the process haha.

    if you are a trader, its a different story, get the hell out of there!

    1. Honest! i am not sure what i am? But i like to think i am a "ROJAK INVESTOR. Hantam Bola - If i don't lose any money it's O. K. liu!

  4. All are respectful Qian Bei here, who have undergone the wind and thrust of economic cycles.

    I am scared of 50% drop, but as long as we are invested in the market, we will all be affected. Then it becomes a number game, 20% 50% or 90%. The latter will make us jialut. I rather no see hear and feel.

  5. Has anyone here experienced more than 50% lost in portfolio, but then did something drastic and eventually recovered all the losses? :)

    1. Thought you have been reading what was happening before your eyes?

      No reading past posts under label : performance? LOL!

    2. Lost -53% and recovered beyond Oct 2007 peak and set new records.

    3. Indeed impressive. Did you do anything to recover that losses or just hold firm onto them?

    4. Read? Win-Win-Lose - It's the end that ultimately matters

      Lucky or "savvy" by Nov 2008; I cut losses on all my s-chips, stop contra trading and switched my recovered capital to fallen horses who have chances of recovering; if not I would become such a failure in investing. I will have to shut up; stop blogging and retired as an investment blogger.

  6. I had some similar experience - bought quite heavily in R-REIT, lost more than 60% on paper during 2008. By Feb 2009, I had many sleepless nights looking at my portfolio melting down. Then I made a drastic switch of my entire portfolio from R-REIT to B-REIT on Mar 2009 (super lucky, I must say - the super bottom then). Then by 2010, the portfolio looks better, I switch 50% B-REIT into BlueChip like KeppelCorp, SPH, Singtel, STEng, SembCorp, and etc. Today, the portfolio is looking at a good positive. Now, looking to trim it down slowly while it lasts. R-REIT=> Rubbish Reit, B-REIT => Blue-Chip REIT. Anyway, it was a very painful experience during 2008 and 2009.

    1. That right!

      Change Horses strategies.

      "You don't need to win back in the same manner as you have lost it." - Createwealth8888

  7. i heard about this strategy by a Remisier Broker who is the mother of my niece's friend. It should be applicable at all times. It's plugging out the weeds in the garden to allow flowering plants to blossom. Less the weeds choke and stunted the plants to flower.

    i think we all do it knowingly or instinctively. The "style" and frequency we do it may be different. But i am sure we all do it. i think i must do it more "precisely" and less and less often as my gardening skill improves.

    Alas, i still need to go into the garden to do weeding leh!
    If not how to survive in the Market?


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