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Sunday, 23 March 2014

We can't be Rich but we can avoid living Poor. Right???

Just For Thinking ...

We can't be Rich but we can avoid being Poor. Right???

1. Never, never pay your credit card bills on Minimum sum i.e $50

2. Taking housing loan for your residential home way beyond your desired retirement age e.g. 60. A bigger house is good but may not necessary good for your retirement lifestyle.

3. Always live within your annual family budget and never to overspend. Never!

4. Avoid looking forward to the next Pay Day to pay outstanding bills

5. Learn to invest well and avoid permanent losses in your investment. Once lock-in permanent losses it becomes very difficult to recover.

6. Maintain adequate emergency fund based on your age and job profile i.e. how fast can you find a new job?


  1. 1997/1998 Asian Financial Crisis taught me one very important lesson that I have never forget.

    Older folks with greater family financial burdens are likely target to be retrenched.

    Life is never fair!

    1. Ha! Ha!

      Avoid being poor = not poor = rich.
      Only don't know how rich.

      If you can avoid being poor means you are rich already.

  2. Company is never loyal to employee so one shouldnt feel bad leaving a company for greener pasture.

  3. i think now not even practise in Japan or Korea - Company/Employee Loyalty Relationship.


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