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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Funding Your Child’s University in the Future?

After A Level result ...

Read? Funding Your Child’s University in the Future? - OMG! It is finally over.

The two most expensive funding for married couples with children:

1) Home

2) Children future university education

Based on Ah Ger's:

Four Year Uni course at SMU for daughter: $61.4K ( including an Overseas Exchange Programme in Paris)

Probably, Uncle8888 may have to budget about $80K - 90K for his youngest son's Uni fund.


  1. My brother just received his A level results yesterday as well. Now i'ts time for the ultimate education.

  2. Heard from a friend whose friend had to sell off some assets to fund her daughter medical education overseas for a cool half a million for five years. Her results were pretty good and could have got a scholarship for another subject but her wish is to study medicine. Apparently there is a quota in our local uni and she wasn't selected.

  3. The problem with our universities is that they always have scholarships and places for foreigners but not enough for our children.
    What a tragic.

  4. Son has decided to go to SUTD with the highest tuition fee among Singapore Uni at $11,650 per year or total 4 years at $46.6K.

    Budget is now set at $90K


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