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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Got stock tips to share???

Just For Laugh ...

Got stock tips to share???

Who is stupid enough to share?

The buying and selling of stocks are though Buy Queue and Sell Queue!

When we want to buy, we want to be at the front of the Buy Queue or jump Queue!

When we want to sell, we also want to be at the front Sell Queue or jump Queue!

Who is stupid enough to share stock tips before their transaction have been done?


  1. Moral of the Story

    Can you trust people giving out stock tips freely?

  2. A sweeping statement.

    In general, agree.

    But there are selective few really wanting to share freely.

    1. Money Honey,

      The operative word here is we sell or buy FIRST, then share freely with others. This is normal human vested interest.

      But if we SHARE freely with others when we have not bought or sold first, then it''s worse. With no skin in the game, where's the credibility?

      Humans have not changed much for the last 5,000 years ;)

    2. agree.

      more importantly, when one's conscience is clear there is no need to worry of other's pessimistic view. Sharing is caring.

      possibly my thinking / mind is too simple ....

  3. Same as fishing.

    Found a good fishing spot also cannot share.


  4. Some people even with dark hearts.

    They share tips then they buy opposite.

  5. Dark hearts don't share, they set traps. They are the schemers that bode evil. Don't ever get near to them (if you know any).


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