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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Why Pursue Financial Freedom?

Just For Thinking ....

You google for "Financial Freedom". You will have a long list of bloggers writing on Financial Freedom and a number of them are bloggers in Singapore.

Why pursue Financial Freedom?

So that we will have freedom to choose to work and freedom of worry from losing our job. When we have  reached financial freedom; working has become so nice. Freedom of firing our boss at our own time and at our own target is really fantastic. So shiok man!

Let me introduce the concept of Stock Freedom. When I google for Stock Freedom; it didn't return any search related to "Stock Freedom". May be, I am the first one to coin it - Stock Freedom.

Stock Freedom

Stock Freedom may be our baby steps towards Financial Freedom. It may be easier to achieve these baby steps and more visible as we can really see the fruits of our labour in investing.

When have achieved Stock Freedom, we will have freedom to hold our stocks in the volatile stock market across market cycles of Bull and Bear. We will have the freedom to sell our stocks anytime and at any target. We will have freedom of worry of not losing our capital. When we don't lose our capital, we are happy.

So what is Stock Freedom?

When we have a portfolio of Pillow Stocks in the stock market for generating cash flow. We keep taking these baby steps to build up more until we reach Financial Freedom.

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  1. Hello qian bei,

    I never thought of it that way... Stock freedom -now that's interesting!

    I love one point you mentioned in your Pillow stock strategy - RETURN of capital.

    Most people focus on return ON capital. But if we don't get our money back, what's the point of all the paper profits and project yields? LOL!

    Yup, once we have our capital back, the "free" stocks left over will earn "infinity" returns for us. It's our personal DIY "CPF Life" cash flow during our "fiancial freedom".

    I hate the word "retirement"? Do you know a better word that I can replace it with? "Financial freedom" somehow is not really the word I am after... I need something more humble.

  2. Leisure Freedom for SMOL.

    Freedom to travel.
    Freedom to enjoy.
    Freedom of worry from string been attached.


  3. Hi,
    If you have a piece of land and you don't have to do anything about it until people come knocking at your door then maybe your $$$capital in the market can do the same.
    You don't have to look at the clock and depend on your capital in the market. Even though you may need the "cash-flow" generated from your capital in the market. That's so simple. but how many of us has this luxury?
    Ha! Ha!
    No joke, but that's my belief and aim.

  4. Uncle 8888,

    Were you googling for my blog =)
    Stock Freedom? Interesting concept... Maybe you can elaborate more.

  5. interesting to goodle the meaning of FF.

    "For financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses."

    So the same question from SMOL what if the asset depreciates?

    1. We should remember this wealth formula: Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow. The key to financial independence is to build sustainable retirement income for life and not just focus on asset value. How many taps are required?


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