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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pillow Stocks Strategy (2)

Read? Pillow Stocks Strategy

What will make an investor feel most comfortable with his investment?

  • FirstlyReturn of Capital.
  • Secondly, Good Yield.
  • Lastly, Capital appreciation.
That is the reason why many investors will jump into bonds or perference shares when yield are good and when they become available in the market.

Dividend Investing Strategy

A 10% dividend yield stock will return you your capital in 10 years; and thereafter let you enjoy good yield and capital appreciation

Pillow Stock Strategy

If you believe that dividend investing strategy will work for you; but you may feel that 10 years is just too long to wait. Then think Pillow Stock Strategy. It will help you to:

  • Firstly, Return of Capital.
  • Secondly, Good Yield.
  • Lastly, Capital appreciation.
"Pillow stocks are the best stocks to hold over market cycles." - Createwealth8888


  1. Dear CW8888,

    Using a 10% dividend yield and assuming all dividends are reinvested, it will actually take about 7+ years to double the initial investment (using the rule of 72).

    This is without considering that the share price may increase over time, or that the dividend yield (as a dollar amount) may increase over time as well.

    All in all, should this be a real 'pillow stock strategy', folks should be smiling in their sleep knowing that their $X investment today would grow to $2X in just about 7 years, haha.

    Time in the market + good fundamentals = wealth.

  2. Actually, it is very harder to reinvest dividends received at the same yield e.g. 10% in this case so realistically it will take more than 7+ yrs to double the initial investment.

    Sometime, reinvestment will have risks and may also fail. That is the truth in investing and re-investing, nothing is certain.

  3. Hi
    Me think any stock/bond that gives you 10% yield is not sustainable. i don't think you can find any historical chart of this kind of stock/bond.
    Why? Because we all would love it very much. Maybe in the years where inflation were more than 10 %. But i still doubt it can be sustainable?

  4. It may be possible with growth-dividend stocks at the future Big Bear markets :-)

  5. I dun think such stocks exist in our SGX. 10% dividend yield for 10 years? Absolutely no, as least not in SGX.

    SG Web Reviews

  6. It's never too late to learn about your Pillow Stock Strategy ;-)


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