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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

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Monday 31 October 2011

Master the Art of Formless Form - The Greatest of All Kung Fu in Investing

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Read? master the act of "formless form"

"Too much TA and FA will confuse your mind. Master the Act of the Formless From, you be there sooner than later." - Createwealth8888

"Less Analyzing. More Investing." - Createwealth8888

Master the Art of Formless Form

From Wixiapedia


Zhang Sanfeng asks:” son, do you clear?" Zhang Wuji says:” I’m Clear." Zhang Sanfeng asks:” Do you totally remember it?" Zhang Wuji says: “Already forgotten some." Zhang Sanfeng says:” That’s ok, think it over"

Zhang Wuji low his head and fall in pondering. A while latter, Zhang Sanfeng asks:” How about it now?" Zhang Wuji says:” I forget most of it" Zhang Sanfeng smiles and says:” Very well. Let me show it to you again" He raises his sword and plays the exercise series again.

But to everyone's surprise, every pose of this time is different to last time's. When he finished, he asks again:” Son, how about it then"? Zhang Wuji says:” I have only three actions unforgotten". Zhang Sanfeng nods, puts his sword down and returns to his seat.

Zhang Wuji walks slowly in the hall and ponders. Then, he raise his head and cries joyfully:” I forget it, forget it totally!" Zhang Sanfeng says:” Not bad, Not bad, you do pretty well to forget it so quickly. Now, you can fighting it against this skillful master"

The moral of the story

When rules of the stock market are not set and defined, there is no way to know what it is so we have to master the Art of  Formless Form. When we cling to the form, there will be attachment of the mind to this form. You will not be able to see your true self..

So the Art of Formless Form is not based on specific techniques of TA or FA or both. It is just as who you are. You and you alone can master it! Like Zhang Wuji, you need to forget first!


  1. How do i master the formless form?

  2. LOL... SMOL got competition for his story telling award this year liao!

    I really feel like I want to be Zhang WuJi.. Who doesn't want to be a hero ! :)


  4. 1) WJ,

    No competition one ;)

    A hundred flowers bloom! Most of my inspirations come from CW8888 anyway. I just re-package old wine in new bottle. Hee Hee.

    By the way, I prefer to be Wei Xiao Bao. LOL!

    2) CW8888,

    I think it's a lot of fun! Don't you think?

  5. Actually it is feeding on each other so that readers will have more fun reading them.

  6. Hi CW8888,

    Interesting analogy, well written.

    My take on it was that one has to be humble and accept profits as gifts and losses as learning.




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