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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Portfolio Management - Too much cash may become a problem

Read? Portfolio Management - Returns and Risks of losing it back!

If the Bull market continues its rally into 2011, then too much Cash on hand may become our big enemy as this boat (Cash) doesn't RISE with the tide of a rising bull market.

So how?

"All man's miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone." - Blaise Pascal

So can we afford to do NOTHING? or the time should be used to identify more potential stocks for our watch list.


  1. Ya Lo!
    $100K will lose minimum 2.5K p/a
    $500K will lose minimum 7.5K p/a
    All because I withdrawn my CPF @55 & closed my CPFIS account.
    And inflation is reported to be @4% now.

    I need somebody help!
    Not just anybody help!
    But somebody help!
    Will somebody help me!

    It seems now CPF Board is the "best place" to park your stock markets investment fund after age 55.
    Think carefully, before you closed your CPFIS account.

    Now I need somebody Help!
    Will somebody help me?!!!

  2. Hi,
    500K will lose minimum 12.5K p/a
    Sorry not 7.5K p/a.
    How come can make this mental calculation mistake?
    Maybe overwhelmed by emotions?
    And is trying to sing Beatles' song to cover my real heartache?

    It looks like no one can think of a better place (or at least a "not a bad place") to park the after 55 CPF investment fund for the stock markets?

    "Where are all the flowers(investment experts)gone, long time ago?
    Just when I needed you, where are all the flowers gone, long time ago?"

    Think again carefully, before you close your CPFIS account at 55.

    "Where are all the flowers gone, long time ago?
    Just when I needed you.. la, lah, la, la, lah, la....
    They all have gone to self consolation."

    My heartaches, because can make such silly mistake.
    And I know of a "Heartache Song"
    I have the CD.
    Though this heartache song is about love.
    I am going to play the CD.
    Anyway,I have not listen to this song for quite sometime.
    Self consolation for self healing?
    Ha! Ha!???


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