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Thursday 23 December 2010

The Last $100K to Millionaire Club

Christmas Eve tomorrow. Let me tell you a story of Santa Claus ...

Some ideas from "Ten Tenets of Millionaire Paradigm."

The Parable: Millionaire Club

There was once an odd-job labourer who lived happily with his family. He did not earn much but had enough to get by. Life was happy.

While walking along the streets during Christmas day, he received a present from Santa Claus. He received a cheque of $900,000. His heart leapt with joy, and he gave a victorious punch in the air. He struck rich finally!

He can now fulfill his dreams and live a good life. The problem was that he was short of $100,000 to become a millionaire.

With the new goal, he was more resolved than ever. The odd-job labourer took up two jobs a day to reach his target. As he worked hard and long hours, he neglected his loved ones in the process. Instead of becoming a richer and happier man, he was now a dejected man. everyone sees him as money hungry person whose life centred on that earning last $100,000.

The moral of parable

If chasing the last $100,000 to become a millionaire requires so much sacrifice, don't you think it is better not to be one?

Money did not make this odd-job labourer happier or even happy. Sometime, it will require great wisdom to realize enough is enough. There is little point in chasing the last $100,000 with so much sacrifice. We should work towards achieving our dreams, but never at the expenses of our happiness and relationships with our loved ones. Money means something to someone, but it is not everything to everybody.

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