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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Two Books That Change My Views

I learnt from Napoleon that every idea is concieved in the mind, and the idea in the mind can be actualized through the definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire to reach that goal.

Bill Gates - If you born poor it is not your mistake, But you die poor, it's your mistake.

I have a burning desire to become wealthy as I was once poor living in a 1-room rental flat in Toa Payoh and some time went to school with no pocket money. I am not joking.

However, Napoleon shows me how to become successful, but he never tell me where?

Then came this book - Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter

The biggest lesson learnt:

"The trouble with the rat race is that, even if you win, you're still a rat." - Lily Tomlin

I want to get OUT OF RAT RACE!

I can say that "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon puts me onto an airplane and "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert parachutes me down into the Stock Market and the rest is War and hopefully soon the War is over and I will enjoy the Peace.


  1. Hi CW,

    I read one of Kiyosaki book but never read Rich Dad Poor Dad until today. Although watched videos n listen to him talk equal to the book. Actually Robert, Donald Trumph, Adam Khoo, all of them books I read before bcos all not my favourite people. At that time i thought if u can read the books written by someone u do not like.. That is something great!!!

    I think they lack the human touch! I absorbed their good points in the book though.

    I wish someone tell me about finance in my 20s. Was busy schooling and giving tuition to earn money. Then working working n working until to hospital... No one tell me to read.

    Also unfortunately most earnings then was spent on myself and girls. Hahaha..luckily one of the girls become my wife and still got great return... - my children! Haha

    1. Luckily, u focus on your human asset in your 20s to earn more money. I still advise younger ones to focus on human asset where it generates the greatest return.


    2. Actually, Snake Oil is okay.

      But, don't like Snake Oil Man. Just too many complaints of conning.

  2. Hi CW,

    I agree with u, but I m not that intelligent then to focus on human asset. No one advise me. I also anyhow spend pressured by girlfrd then n succumb to leisure.

    I focused on earning bcos no choice. After grad, I was in debt ~40k (ex interest) -Tuition fees(25), living exp for 4y (11) & comp (3) loans.

    So u r right, when my children grow up, will advise them to focus on human asset in 20s, less debts! But will teach them investment also. Dun want them to be like me..

  3. Snake oil & man - who???

    Mr. Khoo? Last time my tuition kids parents v rich. They spend close to 30k on 2 children... Children no change!

  4. Spend 30k on Adam Khoo. Not me! I wished.

    1. My friend paid $4,888 to attend trading course also no change. Now follow me into long-term investing by lim kopi and eat lunch. Spending just peanuts. LOL!

  5. Next time I join u lim kopi also... Can? I pay kopi, u teach..

  6. Books open our minds, and minds open doors.

    Uncle8888, you have won the war. Congrats! :)


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