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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Stupid! Son. It meant to be SOLD!

Once there was a man who was retrenched from his Sales job and collected some retrenchment benefits and desperately went out to the street to look for a job. Days after days, he couldn't find any jobs.

One day, he came upon a stall and saw some people buying cans of sardine and he stood there for a while watching the stall. He thought for a while and thought about that business of selling cans of sardine was not bad.

He quickly approached the stall owner and offered to buy over his stall. The stall owner was an old man who had been waiting to retire and happily agreed to sell his stall.

The next day, the man began his business of selling cans of sardine. His business grew better each day and soon the distributor had difficulty in supplying enough cans of sardine to meet his sales. He also earned plenty of money and decided to build a factory and to produce his own cans of sardine.

Next, he began to expand his business and soon his cans of sardine were sold everywhere. His cans of sardine became very famous. He became very rich.

One day, his son came upon a stall selling his father's brand of sardine. The boy had been very curious and had been wondering why so many people were buying his father's sardine and his father had never brought home any cans of sardine. So he decided to buy a can of sardine and to try it.

When he opened the can of sardine he was shocked to see that sardine was not looking good. He thought for a while and maybe the sardine didn't look good, but might taste wonderful so he took a piece of sardine and tasted it. He almost fainted. The sardine tasted horrible. He was very disappointed and waited for for his father to come home and to tell him off.

When his father came home the boy was quick to tell his father that his cans of sardine looked so bad and taste so horrible.

His father yelled at his son: "Stupid! Son. It meant to be SOLD"

Do you understand the moral of the story? It is same for STOCK.

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