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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Learning to Overcome Jealousy and Live Your Own Life

By Trevor Johnson

When learning to overcome jealousy it is important to understand the root cause of the emotion. Believe it or not, not everyone reacts to a friend's new found love or great success in business with a secret anger or emotional grudge. It is not necessary to feel jealous over the accomplishments of others, and there is a reason that you do.

You need to consider whether the specific cause of your jealousy is something that you sincerely desire for your own life or not.

If your jealous moments center on things that you really do want for your life or only occur around a certain issue or object, then the root cause is likely fear that you will never have it for yourself.

It is not that you don't want these good things for others, but you want it for yourself so badly it is hard to escape the panic that it will never be your own reality.

On the other hand, if these feelings arise from a variety of things and most of them are things that you do not necessarily desire for yourself, then the root cause could be a general unhappiness with the life that you are living.

You don't sincerely want the fiance and new home that your best friend has just secured, but because you are so unfulfilled in your current life situation their happiness makes you envious.

Once you identify the root cause of the envy it is time to take action. If you are really afraid something isn't going to happen for you, write out some goals and an action plan to make it happen. Throw yourself full force into achieving that dream since it obviously is very important to you.

If the issue is a general dissatisfaction with your life it's time to analyze what will make you happy and go after it!

Learning to overcome jealousy has nothing to do with other people, and everything to do with you. It can be a life changing situation that finally frees you to go after what you want in life.
Don't live through others, but through your own ambitions. Know the concept of enough

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