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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sending Your Kid To Overseas University Education

Many years back, one of ex-colleague told me that she was very disturbed by her elder son's comment (She has two sons) when she planned to down grade from her fully paid 5-room HDB flat to 3-room to fund her younger son for his US University education.

Her elder son's comment: "Why do we have to suffer when Di Di never study hard and fool around during his school days and not good enough to enter local University and you have to spend the family's money to send him overseas at great expenses" (I roughly recall something like this)

Out of parental love, she sent her younger son to US.

So sending kids to overseas university education for an average wage earner could mean forget about your own retirement and be prepared to slog till the last days.


  1. It is fine to send one's children overseas for an university education provided one can afford the exhorbitant fees and living expenses.

    Singaporeans' parents are overly anxious about their children's performance in school. They are willing to spend and spend by sending them from tution class to another tution class in order to make sure that their children excel in school.

    Education is killing our kids, taking away the joy in them if their parents keep pushing them to do beyond their limits. Of course, there may be exceptional case where the kid enjoys this hectic way of life.

  2. There is good reason why full time tutors make $10-20K a month.

    Education is killing our kids. That is very true and that is the reason why my youngest sister migrated to Aussie.


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