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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Horse, Cow, and Pig


The life of a cow is hard. A cow has to pull burden, get milked; and the only thing the owner gives it is grass to eat. The cow is milked until dry and then sent for slaughter and sold as Beef in the market.


A horse like the cow also work hard in its life . A horse is trained to become champion race-horse. It lives in a stable, given horse-shoe to wear and fed with good quality horse food. A champion horse is well loved by the owner when it wins many horse races. Some day, when the champion horse falls, it will be put to sleep unlike the cow who is sent for slaughter. The horse meat is sent to feed the Tigers and Lions in the zoo and it is not sold in the market.


The life of pig is never hard. The Chinese love to eat roasted piglets. If piglet can survive without becoming roasted piglet, it will live a good life. Pig does not need to work hard. It eats and sleeps till the day it is sent for slaughter and its meat sold as pork in the market.

Look around in the office and observe for yourself how many people are working like Horses and Cows. Can you find those cows working hard day in and day out and are being milked by their bosses (over-worked) and given grass to eat (poor bonuses). Once they become old during bad times or recession, or whenever the bosses want to improve their bottom line. These cows will be slaughtered (retrenched/cut pay/cut bonuses)

Bosses love Horses as they work hard and bring lots of goodness to the bottom line. However, some day, these older champion horses will be replaced by the younger Horses and soon transform into Cows. That is the sad truth about most of the Horses. However, there will be a few true bred of Champion Horses that will be galloping till they retire.

Where are the Pigs? The pigs know that no matter how hard they work, and in bad times they too like the cows will be slaughtered; so the pigs work smart to look some time like a cow and other time like a horse and confuse the bosses while waiting for slaughter and eating some grass.

The only difference between the pigs and the cows is that the pigs know that their days are numbered while cows are still thinking that they are horses and well loved by their bosses. They only realize too late when the butchers arrive.

My advice is to work hard and be the true bred of Champion Horse. Happy Galloping!


  1. I want to be the farmer hehe... :P

  2. Cheng is smart. The farmer is the farm owner and doesn't matter whether horse, cow, or pig in the farm but no bullshit please.


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