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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Four ways to optimize your CPF savings

Four ways???

Hmm ...

The 5th way is through successful long-term investing in CPFIS; but it is not easy to achieve by CPF members. Probably; that is the reason why we seldom come across articles or blog posts on CPFIS as one of the ways to optimize CPF.

Read? Optimize CPF


  1. CW,

    Its flavour of the decade thing lah...

    Once upon a time, big daddy and snake oils took pity on bei kambings and exhort we need to invest - how can depend on the "little" CPF interests for retirement?

    The "sell" then was we need to achieve 8% annually on average to overcome inflation and compound our way to retirement nirvana.

    Come! I encourage everyone to own shares! Here, I sell you at a discount!

    We know how that turned out...

    Now the pendulum has swung to the otherside.

    Investing as in Earn More is risky!

    Look, even CPF Life cannot help if you burned your own backside. There's only so much we can do to "socialise" the bricks from the east wall to patch the hole in the west wall...

    Just focus on Save More. CPF good, better, best! No need to use brains too.

    And stop asking whatever happended to the 8% annual returns thingy...

    Look, interest rates will never leave zero bound anytime soon.


    Nope. Not going to answer you what happens when all central banks are printing money.


    What inflation?

  2. Government has already stepped up and funding financial and investment education to improve financial and investing knowledge and skills. More govt funded independent research coming soon.

    Hope it will help more retail investors to achieve their investing goals and retire financially well secured

    1. CW,

      Hey, maybe one day can claim skills future for financial literacy courses?

      Rice bucket for those in the "lelong" of financial education!


      But then literacy is just A for apple kindergaten level - just know the definitions.

      How to make money from knowing A for apple?

      Now that's skill or competence that big daddy is also promoting over book knowledge :)

    2. Hi SMOL,

      "Hey, maybe one day can claim skills future for financial literacy courses?"

      Already got ==> Click here

      Mixture of academic & snake oil (some snake oil conducted by taxpayer stat board educational institutes LOL!).

    3. Spur,


      Really got!!!

      Then why on earth do bei kambings want to attend those unsubsidised courses by private "unknown" and "uncertified" organisations???

      Maybe they just as "sotong" as me?

      Don't know our tertiary institutions also got involve themselves with alchemy?

      I shouldn't be surprised.

      We already got tax payer stat board educational institutions offering courses on entrepreneurship!?

      Anyone who believes entrepreneurship can be "taught" would probably believe anything anyway...


    4. Quote : "We already got tax payer stat board educational institutions offering courses on entrepreneurship!?

      Anyone who believes entrepreneurship can be "taught" would probably believe anything anyway..."

      My ex colleague attended this course few years ago and still exploring business opportunities to become entrepreneur while staying employed.

    5. CW,

      There you go. NATO.

      If you ex-colleague has it in him, he would have quitted long ago and just relied on crash got sound.

      Just look at the number of startup billionaires who quit college as they know speed is the essence - "mai tu liao"!

      Your ex-colleague is probably searching for a franchise system he can buy over.

      Being a franchisee is more suitable for those who are not entrepreneurs but want the "illusion" of being their own boss. At least got a ready set of success formulas to follow mah!

  3. She's compartmentalising or bucket-ising her overall portfolio: "With my CPF savings as my financial safety net, I can take on more investment risks with the rest of my savings to generate other cash flows."

    Doubtless she has much more cash assets outside of CPF to utilise, & padding up her CPF accounts is just to ensure the highest possible "state pension" as the bottomest basic foundation for retirement cash pyramid. ;)

    BTW, Melbourne Mercer just rated CPF as the 7th best pension plan in the world LOL!
    Bloomberg article
    Mercer summary

    Generally most people are able to optimise risk-reward in the short term (1-3 years). But not so good for anything longer than that. That's why most do better with property than with stocks, due to human nature of short-termism, recency bias, and loss aversion. Price movements of your property is less transparent & obvious, & property is less liquid with high transaction costs, so you tend to hold it for the long term. Plus you get to see & touch it & use it (either live in it or rent it out).

    1. Spur,

      Yup. Life is a lot more comfortable when our CPF is a minor part of our networth ;)

  4. Err...

    Actually when did the G started CPFIS?

    Was BANK'S FD @ 5 or 6 % p/a easily when it was started to placate many COW FATHERS COW MOTHERS?

    CPF OA at that time was also at 2.5 % only.

    So many OA withdrawals allowed to invest in Bank's FD or even endowment insurance of 5 to 10 years @ CAGR of definitely more than 2.5 %.



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