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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Will Anyone Know Who My CPF Nominee(s) are?

The CPF nomination details are kept confidential. Hence, your family members will not be informed of the identity of your nominee(s). It is also not possible for any person to check with the CPF Board if they are someone’s CPF nominee.

However, you may authorise the CPF Board to disclose the identities of your nominees to specific individuals after your demise.

Today, Uncle8888 visited CPF Branch again; but this time it is not about withdrawal of CPF interests.

He has authorized CPF Board to disclose the identities of his nominees to the Executors of his Will as specific individuals after his demise.


  1. No speculation of nominees upon demise. RIP!

  2. Heheh, for those who keep their annual CPF statements, or leave them lying around the house ... family members will know the rough total amounts. If the total tabulated after disbursement is nowhere close to the annual statements, then the family ought to know that there's some other nominee(s). Hohoho!

    CPF takes about 1.5 to 2 months to disburse into nominees' bank accounts. So if after 2 months no money or much less than expected ... like that lorr!

    For me it's simple since my CPF quantum is not 7-figures LOL ... I just upfront tell my family members my nominations & the respective % :)

    Hmmm, I wonder what happens for cases where the nominee is also deceased when I up lorry ... I'm guessing it will be treated as part of the nominee's estate? Then either follow the nominee's Will, or follow intestate act if no Will.

  3. 1. Any nominee deceased we need to re-nominate.

    2. If no, go to nominee's estate

  4. Keep CPF's UTD in thumb drives which my wife can assess too.

    Very good reminder about if no survive nominee, what happens?

    What CPF says?

    Can a will cover the no survival of nominees?

    As we know CPF money is not covered by will, so?

    1. Go to deceased nominee estate. No estate will mean unclaimed cpf. Plenty of unclaimed cpf hor

    2. Walau!


      In that case if CPF only nominee is only a child, and only child, where got estate?

      So CPF money can not claim anymore?

  5. UTD CPF means check "everything" after 2nd or 3rd week of every Jan then store in thumb drives. No more paper copies from CPF unless request.

  6. Interesting- What will happen to all those unclaimed CPF'S money?

    Go to G's sponsored National Charities or what?

  7. Actually i think it is the same as no nominated nominee in the first place what happens to one's CPF money?

  8. And I think many people don't know including me lol what will happen if no nominee in the first place.

  9. If only I know where unclaimed CPF will go, I may agree willingly.

  10. No CPF nominations means $$$$ will be transferred to public trustee's office. Family or relatives need to pay some fee to PTO for the $$$$ to be distributed according to intestate act.

    Usually cases where persons are loners, don't have any close family/relatives, are those end up with CPF monies unclaimed in PTO.

  11. O K no one claim then what happens to money at PTO?
    Exactly, i think many people will like to know.


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