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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Weasel Rides Woodpecker in Viral Photo—But Is It Real?

 ABSOLUTLEY INCREDIBLE photo by Martin Le-May. Green Woodpecker and Weasel. Apparently the Woodpecker escaped.

Read? Weasel Rides Woodpecker

He is already well prepared for that "lucky" moment to take this absolutely incredible shot.

Uncle8888 may have the same "luck" as him; but will never take an incredible shot with his Samsung mobile phone's camera. 

Martin has all the necessary skills and tools with him all the time and most importantly he may have been looking and hoping for such "lucky" moment.

So, the most important point that we know. He has the necessary skills and tools for this shot.

Same as incredible dreams of yield and multi-bagger blue chips as dividend incomes for decades. There are incredible shots at stocks.

Do we have the necessary skills and tools with us all the time for the "lucky" moment to appear in front of us?


Nobody knows!


We can!


  1. 1) A special shout out to coconut for sharing this incredible photo shot with us :)

    For someone who trades in his private dungeon, you are quite well read!!!

    2) CW,

    Yup. On stage 10 minutes; back stage 10 years blood, sweat, and tears...

    But then, for those unwilling to put in the time to hone our crafts, for a mere $3K fee, short-cut secrets will be delivered on a platter ;)

  2. Opportunities are everywhere, only those prepared will grab it well... the photo is cool! Thanks for sharing

  3. Haha, this photo again... There are reports of experts saying that wood peckers don't fly like that and the background is too blurred, and this is a taxidermied bird. So perhaps the lesson to learn from this is that people want to see amazing stories of great skill/luck and there are many people out to exploit this.

    1. Not so amazing stories on real people, real story cannot attract amazing views. So sad!

  4. On the contrary, i like to subscribe to the idea of "Truth is stranger than fiction". And always think the truth beats fiction hands down. Plus any fiction is usually derived from the true happenings. You can hardly write a story(fiction) without drawing your experience of the truth. You can not start from zero.


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