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Friday, 12 February 2021

Where Does The Money In The Stock Market Come From? (7)

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Read? Asset Bubbles Through History: The 5 Biggest

4. The Dotcom Bubble

When it comes to sheer scale and size, few bubbles match the dotcom bubble of the 1990s. At that time, the increasing popularity of the Internet triggered a massive wave of speculation in "new economy" businesses. As a result, hundreds of dotcom companies achieved multi-billion dollar valuations as soon as they went public.


LOL! Uncle8888 came to the market dreaming of becoming Financial Independence to get out of Rat Race after reading that book : Rich Dad. Poor Dad at the Peak of Dotcom Bubble and kena burnt by following one local well-known Millionaire-business owner into his Dotcom company! 

Followed the Wizard can't be wrong!!!

Hmm .. may be you are too young for Dotcom Bubble!

How about recent Bubble-like? You know! Right?

Those who have realized their millions by selling Dream to those who are dreaming of becoming the next Millionare!

This is how real millionaires making real millions from those who are sitting on illusionary millions in the market until it is burst and gone!


  1. The VIX has dropped below 20 last night for the 1st time since Feb 2020.

    More "professional" Wall Street players are becoming less fearful & more complacent. They are following the retails, which is the opposite of what normally happens LOL.

  2. Example of smart money and dumb money!

    It was also Palihapitiya who took a leading role in the frenzy around so-called meme stocks, tweeting on Jan. 26 that he’d bought GameStop Corp. call options and helping fuel its short-lived surge. He exited the trade before GameStop crashed, making a $500,000 profit he donated to charity.

    1. Hmmm, yeah it's funny coz from the number of call options (50 lots X 100) and the average price on the morning that he bought ($25 on 26 Jan AM) and when he sold ($200 on 27 Jan AM) ... that should be about $875K profits on $125K capital.

      He tweeted his buy on the night of 26 Jan, but never tweeted his sell. He only revealed his sell on CNBC phone interview during lunchtime on 27 Jan. How many millions of Wall Street Bettors followed his buy but missed his sell?? 😉

      Basically, his blatant publicity didn't help the hundreds or thousands more newbies who got sucked in at the top. Donating the profits was the only thing he could do to not appear looking like the predatory Wall Streeter that the Wall Street Bets redditors are supposedly against.

      Retail lost GBP2,500 playing meme stocks ... "for us that is rent for the month, it is bills. I don't know how we'll recover."

      (just answer a simple questionnaire to see above article)

  3. Seems at least some money from Bei Kamings was put to good use - aka to charity.

  4. "He only revealed his sell on CNBC phone interview during lunchtime on 27 Jan. How many millions of Wall Street Bettors followed his buy but missed his sell??"

    It also happened in Singapore Forum before; the Founder of the Forum after accumulating enough of that stock; then he wrote his analysis on that stock why it was value buy. When he completely sold that stock; he put up another justification why he sold. Never ever he gave any hint that he would be buying or selling any stock. LOL! Nothing new in investing or trading forum or now it is forum and blogosphere!

    1. How many folks out there are fully aware that we are always competitors against each other in Buy or Sell queue in the market. Your "Gurus" can openly share their stock view on buy or sell calls because they themselves are NOT buying or selling and NOT competing with you in the Buy or Sell queue! LOL!

  5. That's why don't care about anything except when i buy, i am already thinking can sell higher in future or not?



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