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Sunday, 21 February 2021

2007 Bull Market Made Me A Wizard!!!

 Read? So, which am I?A monk, shaman or wizard?

I am Wizard in 2007 Bull!

I easily made money from the Market with T+5 Contra. No money down!!! Bom pi pi!

How to know whether we made it to the class of Wizard?

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  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    I think in the last 1 year many have become accidental market wizards, increasing their total portfolios by 50%-100%.

    Those dabbling in cryptos maybe looking at a few hundred % increase. :P

    If I define 50% increase as passing mark then no, I'm not a wizard ... close but no cigar. :(

  2. Bit Coins?

    Thanks and no thanks to Elon Musk.

    Just remember if he lost a million or 2, or even a billion, he is still a Billionaire as far as BIT COIN "investing" is concerned.

    Follow him if U have the same wealth?

    Die, Die itchy heart & fingers, then dabble like TOTO or casino bets lol.

    The CBs of the world are already considering to Digitalise currencies.

    Actually, China already buying and selling almost everything with hand-phone's applications.

    i understand hardware credit cards or RMB are not accepted already - True or not?

    Most people think China will be the 1st country to digitalise their currency.

    Will Crypto currencies collapse then?

    1. Nowadays, I am using more paywave and paynow. Digital but not crypto. LoL!

  3. China does not recognise bitcoin. Digital currencies, which have same legal status as physical currencies, are issued by CB. Their wide use in China will affect private e-payment schemes such as Ali-pay & Wechat pay, potential drags on the share prices of Alibaba & Tencent. Acceptance & use of digital currencies world-wide still has to a long way to go, with critics saying privacy is lost as all transactions could be traced. The West is already saying China's aim of introducing digital currecies is to keep watch over its citizen. What hypocrazy, US has been doing this for years on citizens of other countries through SWIFT.


  4. Elon Musk loses $19 billion after bitcoin and Tesla shares plunge | Finance Report


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