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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Day 5, 6 and 7 (Morning) : Taiwan - Green Island LYUDAO 綠島

Read? Day 4 : Taiwan - Kaohsiung Cijin Island 旗津 and Dome Of Light (光之穹頂)

It was 2.15 hrs train ride from Kaohsiung's Xinzouying station to Taitung train station.

From Taitung station, we took taxi to Fugang Fish Harbour and strictly by meter as indicated at notice board at taxi. The fare we paid is NT320

As it was Saturday morning; long queue waiting to board the next ferry!

The ferry fare per person is NT455 and we also bought return ferry ticket departing at 2.30 PM.


After lunch; we began our round Green Island walking trial. Since Green Island is bigger and more hilly than Xiaoliuqiu so we were expecting tougher walking trail. 

While we were walking; we saw this sign board.

Hosay! We planned to take 08:30 or 09:30 since minsu could only serve breakfast earliest at 8 am.

Green Island's ring road round the island is about 18 Km road while Xiaoliuqiu is about 15 Km

For those who have licence can rent scooter; otherwise it is B.W.

It is on bus; we can board and alight anywhere along the bus round island route. We realized that the bus driver knew how on the day how many passenger had bought one day bus pass. The driver would slow down when approaching and looked at us and checked whether we would want to board the bus.

It was difficult to time to catch the next bus to next attraction spot. We only managed to catch one to the next stop. 



Simple breakfast. We should be able to catch 08:30 bus with 10 min walk from minsu to bus stop to start our round Green Island walking trail.

The bus driver was friendly and after short chat; he suggested that we should go straight to Green Island Human Rights Culture Park
綠島人權公園 as first two stops there is nothing interesting to see.

You can tell that mostly all visitors to Green island are on scooters

After visiting prison museum; we continued by walking to the next destination stop while watching out for 09:30 departing at Harbour stop.

From the main road to the Peak is 550m walk up slope.


It really not easy to do round island sightseeing on tourist shuttle bus.

It was first sight of bus approaching us at this place and board the bus to the next destination - Hot Spring resort

As it was already 2.15 pm and we still have long way to walk back to minsu so we decided not to purchase entrance ticket to explore hot spring resort area where you can purchase a bag of eggs to boil. See photo above. 

At Xiaoliuqiu; we met the doggie that lead us from minsu to the ferry terminal entrance for departure.

At Green Island, after short walk from Zhaori Hot Springs
朝日溫泉 to the next destination. One friendly doggie decided to join us for walking trail. Doggie being local; she knew where are the interesting tourist spots and signalling us to follow her as she walked ahead.

With the previous experience with minsu's doggie leading to the ferry terminal; this time we were keen to watch how this doggie performed. LOL!

Based on timestamp of photos; Uncle8888 has reconstructed this unusual encounter with amazing doggie below!

Location and time of encounter.

Doggie has been leading us quite distance already!

Doggie continued to lead us farther down the road

Dog and goats show without scripting!

When we moved on and called out to the doggie. It responded and came back to continue with the walking trail instead of playing with the goats.

We reached Dabaisha 大白沙潛水區

Is doggie telling us to go down to the beach?

No. We were running short of time to reach back to minsu before it was getting too dark to walk in unfamiliar place so we didn't want to explore the beach!

We called out loud to doggie to come back!

Last video of doggie and first photo.

Time difference is about one hour. 

Finally; we reached the Shilang 石朗 that was where have stopped the previous night walking from minsu.

Doggie has walked that far with us.

Wah! Doggie would take hours to walk home???

We spent to much watching and didn't realized that doggie has been out of sight and gone home???


Next morning, another simple breakfast from minsu. This time no kopi. Just tea!

After that we went for Glass boat trip and the fare was NT200 and that was 50% cheaper than the one in Xiaoliuqiu

We went to change the ferry ticket from 14:30 to 12:30 hrs since there was nothing much to do after the glass boat ride! 

Better depart earlier to Taitung!


  1. Is Sy still thinking this doggie has been trained?

  2. Some1 train the doggie?? So smart le... know when is time 收工。。。hehehe

  3. Is that a goreng flying fish? Nice? :)

    1. Minsu lady boss told us must try their local caught flying fish. We also flying fish crackers too. LOL! It seen that many visitors are eating fried flying fish. May be higher profit margin? Islanders marketing them to visitors. LOL!

      May be night market back in Taitung also have; but we didn't go to night market this time.

    2. We also bought flying fish crackers too

  4. Maybe is the flying fish season time :)

    1. We tried both. BBQ and fried flying fish. For those who don't mind fried stuff. Fried ones are of course crispy. :-)


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