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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Day 7 (Afternoon) and Day 8: Taiwan - Taitung 臺東

Read? Day 5, 6 and 7 (Morning) : Taiwan - Green Island LYUDAO 綠島

Water Running Upward 水往上流遊憩區by public bus from Taitung train station bus stop. This time,we don't have to walk too much!

Quick lunch at train station to catch the next bus departing Taitung bus stop  

Our minsu is near Taitung train which is the nearest to  Green Island; but far from Taitung city. This area is very quiet and lacking restaurants opening late for dinner.

We have fast food dinner at Taitung train station - Railway meals.

Sanxiantai Arch Bridge 三仙台跨海步橋

We have clear view throughout the long bus journey of about 2.5 hrs from Taitung train station. 

This man every morning goes to catch seashells and sell to the restaurant.  We find that many Taiwanese are friendly to visitors and don't mind taking some of their precious time to help visitors. 

This man even took out his shellfish and laid on the floor and started telling us about his catch. The video we took is more than 100M so it can't be uploaded here.


 We picked this local fish!

Top middle column fish below:

After lunch; we took bus to Jialulan 加路蘭海岸


Here is where the tiny Mouse from Singapore met giant Elephant at Jialulan 加路蘭海岸 .

Tiny mouse walked one round along the coast of Singapore. 

That is peanut!

Giant Elephant walked one round along the coast of Taiwan!

Uncle8888 was lucky to meet this Taiwanese man face-to-face, chat, photo and video. LOL!

He is 24 years old.

He has recently completed his NS and also has finished his university study. One of his life goals is to walk one round the coast of Taiwan.

Since after NS he has the luxury of time of do it before settling down into a job. 

Day 65 and it means that he has walked 65 days starting from Taipei anti clockwise to Jialulan 加路蘭海岸 at Taitung!

For sleeping at nights; he would camp whenever it is possible to set up his tent; otherwise no choice then he would stay at minsu.

You can see his trolley load. It looked heavy?

Walking and pulling along trolley load. My respect!

Do we need to FIRE before achieving some of our life goals if any?

After Jialulan; we walked to Xiaoyeliu 小野柳

After this; we took bus back to Taitung city bus terminal to explore two more spots i.e. Taitung Railway Art Village and International Landmark (Seaside Park) 海濱公園

We took quick dinner near bus terminal to be in time to catch the last departing bus at 7:30 pm at Taitung bus terminal to Taitung train station.

and then grabbed beer from 7-11 on the way back to minsu to end the end. We also changed the train ticket back to Kaohsiung from 12:30 pm to 10:30 am.


  1. It seems to me U missed your kampong days if i am not wrong.

    i only can reminiscence about kampong days now.


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