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Saturday, 20 April 2019

How 10D9N In Taiwan Unexpectedly Became 10D9N + 1N Free Stay At 5 Stars Hotel With 2 Free Meals

Read? On Blog Leave From 9 to 18 Apr 2019 - Taiwan Round 5


Uncle8888 has one free night extension stay at 5 stars E-DA Royal, free late night buffet supper (but more like dinner) around 11:30 pm and free buffet breakfast. 

All fully paid by FlyScoot.

Redeem Krisflyer mileage?

We were told to proceed to restaurant for supper after taking our key to the hotel room.

Late supper but more like late dinner.

How did happen?

At first; we were told of flight delay for about 30 minutes. Soon some passengers at back rows decided to form queue. Since we at the first front row of economy class; we didn't bother to join the queue and continued to surf the Net on our phone.

As each hour passed, some angry passengers began to raise their voice at boarding gate staff and demanding to know the actual departure time; but the staff just didn't know and kept apologizing. Tough job for these gate staff!

At around 11 pm; we were told to queue in line to claim baggage, cleared immigration and checked in hotel to wait for further instruction regarding the actual departure flight on the next day.

Free transport from Kaohsiung airport to hotel. We took the shuttle bus as the last batch going to the hotel.

Uncle8888 did learn something from this incident that feeling lucky or unlucky is in our current state of mind and circumstance that we are in.

Since we were departing from Kaohsiung back home so there was no disruption to our travel plan.

As retiree who has plenty of spare time to burn. Why not enjoy the free stay and free meals provided by FlyScoot. 

Hmm .. same as investing for long term. Lucky or unlucky will depend on our current state of mind and circumstance that we are in. 

Is generation of cash flow from our net worth and investment portfolio enough to fund our annual household expenses?

If more than enough then we can be lucky to wait for the next bear market.


  1. This incident reminded me that other people good or bad experience is not same as our own personal experience. Same as learning from other people investing experience and investing lessons. It is not the same. The state of mind, circumstance and war chest is not the same.

  2. Ha! Ha!


    Sai Ong's Horse
    There once was an elderly frontiersman--Sai Ong as he was known--in ancient China who made his living largely by the single horse that he owned. One day, the horse got lose from the stable and ran off. Sai Ong was unable to find him. When the local villagers heard of this, they came to share their concerns and sympathy for Sai Ong. "What a tragedy. However will you get by now?" Sai Ong replied calmly and seemingly unaffected, "Maybe yes, maybe no. How do we know this is not a blessing in disguise?"

    Weeks later, Sai Ong's horse returned with another wild horse from the plains. Suddenly, Sai Ong was twice as fortunate as before. The villagers came, "Sai Ong, you are so lucky!" He replied, "Maybe yes, maybe no. How do we know if this doesn't prove a misfortune?" The villagers looked on in bewilderment.

    A few days later, Sai Ong's son went about training the new horse and was thrown, breaking his leg. The villagers came to say, "Oh no, Sai Ong! This is awful. Who will work with you now?" Again as before, Sai Ong replied, "Maybe yes, maybe no. How do we know this is not a blessing in disguise?" The villagers couldn't believe what they heard.

    A few months later, China went to war with the barbarians beyond the Great Wall and the overwhelming majority of men who fought died. Sai Ong's son was sparred this fate, unable to fight with his broken leg. While most families lost their men of fighting age, Sai Ong did not.

    Doesn't life throw challenges our way that at first seem terrible, but in time, most somehow prove otherwise? Rolling with the punches and sailing the seven C's can be so challenging when things are at their worst. Yet, perhaps everything does really happen for a good reason? Maybe yes, maybe no. In our worry, anxiety, even anger, can we somehow see the wonderful possibilities yet to be discovered in this wonderful life? Doesn't every dark cloud hold a silver lining? Can we see how even seeming misfortune will soon prove a fortune once again? Can we remember the story of Sai Ong's horse?


    When we invest in the stock market, isn't often the same story happens, more or less?

    In fact life is like that even if U are rich and famous.


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