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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Day 1: Taiwan - Xiaoliuqiu 小琉球

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How we get to Xiaoliuqiu 小琉球?

The taxi fare from Kaohsiung International airport to Donggang ferry terminal was NT600 and ferry fare at NT205 per person from Donggang to Xiaoliuqiu's Baishawei Fishing Harbor 白沙尾漁港

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Donggang ferry terminal

Baishawei Fishing Harbor

Most visitors will rent scooter and ride round island; but we plan to go round the island by one day round island shuttle bus; but the bus schedule is not so good.

But, we managed to complete round island and visited all the recommended tourist spots in one day except the lighthouse which we decided not worth the effort and time to walk to the edge of the island to see the lighthouse and also we had seen enough of lighthouses in Taiwan. LOL!

The round island road is about 16 Km and some parts are hilly and walking round the island is still possible. Including walking to tourist spots then it is far more than 16 Km. We started at around 8 am and finished around 6.30 pm.

Our lunch!

After lunch; the walking trail began. The first target was the nearest tourist spot to our minsu and also at low tide. So it was the best time to explore. 

Vase Rock

Two targets for Day 1 : Vase Rock and 美人洞 風景區

When we reached 美人洞 風景區 it was around 5 pm and park closed at 6 pm. The ticket counter staff advised us to come tomorrow morning as we won't have enough time to explore.

Bo pian!

We u -turn back to continue exploring the beach! :-)

Saw someone exploring the beach and photo taking at beach creature.

and then taking light dinner even we are not that hungry as we were told by minsu's boss that only restaurant near minsu would close before 7 pm; otherwise we would have to eat cup noodle!

After dark; there is nothing much to see! Time to watch TV.

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