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Sunday, 21 April 2019

Day 2 and Day 3 (Morning) : Taiwan - Xiaoliuqiu 小琉球

Read? Day 1: Taiwan - Xiaoliuqiu 小琉球

Breakfast at the nearest breakfast outlet

No kopi O kosong. Only has 3 in 1 instant coffee :-(

We would continue our walking trail round the island from Day 1.

For Day 1, we have started walking from minsu, Pesort Beluxe Hotel which is about 2 mins walk from ferry terminal.

For Day 1, we managed to cover two recommended spots i.e Vase Rock and Zhongao Beach 中澳沙灘

For Day 2, we started our walking from minsu towards Zhongao Beach 中澳沙灘 hoping to catch 8:30 am departing bus there or U-turn back to 美人洞 風景區 if we missed it. We could then flag down this round island shuttle mini van anytime, anywhere along the way throughout the day.

Lucky; we  managed to catch the first departing bus at 08:30 am at  Zhongao Beach 中澳沙灘 to 美人洞 風景區 and that would save us from redundant walk. LOL!

The area is basically caves and coastal walk to the next spot, Duziping 肚仔坪 i.e. flat beach.

and long coastal walk to the next two spots. Along the way; we probably missed the next departing bus at 09:30 am as we didn't see one while walking along the bus route.

We reached Shanzhugou Old-growth Forest Trail 山豬溝原始森林步道and took a rest here after a long walk to cool down.

Next stop at Black Dwarf Cave 烏鬼洞

We stopped to cool down again!

Walking to the next stop Sunset Pavilion 落日亭, we didn't see any food outlet along the way and getting tired and hungry. Burning calories at faster rate. :-(

When we saw the sight of a village from far distance! Heng ah!

After lunch; we continued to ..

and at 14:41 hrs we had covered less than half of the route back to minsu. We would  need to walk at faster rate!

We reached Sunrise Pavilion 旭日亭 at 5 pm. :-)

We were still in time for dinner before restaurant closing. :-)


Day 3 Morning

After breakfast; we took 40 mins Glass bottom boat ride at NT300 per person. 

We departed minsu to ferry terminal and then strange encounter with minsu doggie. LOL!

You can guess what happen when doggie saw us getting down the stairs of minsu.

What is the minsu doggie doing?


  1. The doggie bring u to somewhere?

    1. Doggie lead us from minsu to ferry terminal entrance. About 5 mins walk

    2. Guess that doggie has intelligence to know that guests pulling luggage out of minsu is departing by ferry and leads the way. Guide dog?

  2. Oic... the minsu owner or some1 have to train the doggie also :)

  3. Wow!

    CW a lot of walking lel. At my age can not Liu. How is your soulmate still steady?

    U are the real Johnny walker at 60 or ?

    1. She took long hot running leg bath to relax leg muscles. Unfortunately minsu no bathtub :-)


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