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Thursday 8 October 2015

Strengthening War Chest From Our Investment Portfolio??? (3)


i have increased my war chest and market rebound 

Read?  Strengthening War Chest From Our Investment Portfolio??? (2)

What you may not realize it!

Making hay in Summer while Sun shines or by pulling out weeds from Autumn Garden?

Same same but different when you get it wrong!

Making hay in Summer while Sun shine but somehow it went wrong. It has been a long Summer!


May be sibei sianz!


Summer will never go on forever. One day it will come back to me and I will make back those lost paper profit opportunity!

Pulling out weeds from Autumn Garden but somehow it went wrong. Robins come, new leaves come! No Winter but unexpectedly an early Spring! WTF!

Let us honestly face the fact. It is extremely hard to recover our realized losses or regaining back our expected profits that were lost back to Mr. Market by sitting on cold hard cash.

We are expecting Winter but an early Spring unexpectedly came! 

Our investing mind may be still stuck in the Autumn. 

Can we expect our investing minds to change that fast?


Sibei sianz?

May be this  ...



  1. Dont sell lar. Keep n collect dividends. Use div to buy more.
    Rotate only if anothee counter is far more attractive.
    Otherwise stay put. Collect n get rich.
    My 1 cent worth.

  2. A single swallow does not a summer make.

    Weather may change from windy to sunny to rainy, but how can we be sure that the seasons have changed.

    Its been a long summer, the seasons are changing. Rain & Sun are fighting. It is going to be long cold winter.

  3. Nice one.. When a lot of people expect market going to crash below 2720 we need to stay nimble and fast on buying spree 2800 2500 and below.. when it is RED.. Be contranian when everyone is fear now market back to 3000 5 days after rally, it is time to take profit when people are buying.. One must think a step ahead like a BB always when retailer buy, it is too late.. market sentiment and only minority of traders win long or short daily or weekly..

  4. Well.
    I doing long term.

    I did buy some..but small quantity. ..

    Last time used to buy big.


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