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Saturday, 31 October 2015

"Early" Retirement???

Yesterday was Friday again!

Following TGIF lunch break, Uncle8888 met his ex-colleague who went for "early" retirement in his late 40s due to poor health condition. 

He is taking a break to see whether his irregular heartbeat is due to work-related stress or not. He then realized that not working is boring but working is stressful! 

With his heart problem, he said he can't really do much with his lots of spare time.

To do or Not to do also die!

He repeated a few times during lunch.  Health is Wealth!

BTW, he sold his investment property and 5 Rm HDB flat in Bishan and bought one condo for residential before deciding for an "early" retirement or taking a break.

Many financial and investment bloggers are talking about early retirement in their late 30s and 40s; but, not sure how many of them are truly prepared to take out the boredom of their unscheduled time?


  1. When we thought we can be Grasshopper and not Ant in early retirement?

    1. CW,

      Yup, after nearly 2 years of sabbatical from work, it got so unbearable that I have to work weekends just to take a break from being a man of leisure! LOL!

      It's true, If everyday is Sunday, Sunday soon loses its appeal.

    2. Work leisurely and according to our term and we define the scope of work. LOL!

  2. That's the main problem.
    Having being and ant all your life, how to suddenly turn 360 degrees?
    It will come to the same point again.
    It is the same for some people who are frugal their whole life how to suddenly spend like a spendthrift?
    It's best to turn slowly in order to not crash the car(retirement you are steering).

    i actually stop working for anyone since 53 except for my family.
    Actually, we only need the basic necessities to live from day to day.
    And yes all the wealth in this world is useless if you lost your health?
    "And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?"
    Or health I suppose for non-believer.

    1. Health comes before wealth. Healthy with not much wealth still okay. Wealthy but poor health. Like this ex-colleague, he said he cannot do much activities even he has lots of spare time for leisure. Surely health comes before wealth.

  3. I am planning to retire (early) from my job next year. My plan after retirement:

    1. Continue my daily exercise regime;
    2. Take a break, then look for either social work or voluntary work for a few days a week, may be for my church;
    3. Spend more time reading and engage with hobbies;.

    1. Happy retirement next year!

      One colleague also early retired some years back to become church helper. He told me he wanted to contribute to his church while his body is still at good health.

    2. if you think there are two sides of a coin, then look again. Sometimes there are 3 sides. One at the edge!

      No work boring, work stressful. Maybe should stand at edge sometimes. Standing at the edge of a coin without coin toppling requires lots of balancing. And balancing itself takes lots of understanding of one's true self, experiences and wisdom.

      So the solution is complex : How to Balance?


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