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Monday, 21 September 2015

Another silent reader has been seriously reading past blog posts. The last silent reader who did was in Dec 2012!


I started reading your 1st blog post from 2006 since my first email to u n hope to improve my investing knowledge. Really alot info there although some posts i not quite understand. Read till Aug 2009 now, u said need to measure the CAGR. 

Good Morning Uncle,

I am one of the silent reader of your blog, can i learn DIY investing from you?

I started investing two years ago, my portfolio until now all red red because i just follow people buy and never do any homework. No strategies and plan action as newbie. When market drop last few days i also dont dare to buy, just hope my portfolio to breakeven later but it seems abit difficult.

Thanks in advance.

Some guru said " be greedy when others are fearful".
If like that, v should buy oil & gas stocks which are unloved now.  But hor, catch the falling knives very dangerous also.

See the portfolio drop quite alot, actually v should be patient right? But then when v should re- balance our portfolio? Read alot people cut loss to increase their cash balance. Think v shld sell when market is doing well, mayb should control our mind.

Read thru yr blogpost till Jul 2012, realised that v shld concentrate on local stocks and not REITs & Trust. bcos of the % payout & div yield. Since i have active employment, cash flow from div shld not be my main consideration of choosing stocks.

After consider the foreign currency risk, i plan to sell the foreign REITs & Trust which are denominated in IDR & Yen. So tht can gt back some money and deploy it when opportunity arise. 

Hope to change my habit of collecting losing positions.

Mind, Method & Money......need time to find out how to use it properly

Thx for the blogposts.....still in progress reading
CW8888's reply: Wow. You are among the rare few who took your precious time to slowly digest.
 Haha...bcos lose until need to find way improve my skill.

Went to seminar and workshop, they teach the calculations which i dont think is helpful. 

I like this quote

"Our initial big losses may actually be a blessing in disguise to prevent us from doing more foolish thing in the future."


  1. For those silent readers who are seriously digesting past blog post. They don't need to pay in $$$ but with their precious time!

  2. He read your blog that's y red red now? Haha...... :P


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