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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

After A Few Market Cycles ... Did More Veterans Learn Something??? (2)


Since u predicted bear market/recession is coming.
why u didn't sell all your shares but holding 60%.

Read?  After A Few Market Cycles ... Did More Veterans Learnt Something???

Can Uncle8888 predict?

Of course, NO!

But, can he prepare?

Of course, YES!


How does he prepare?

Of course, he eats his own cooking!

His Wealth Formula:

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

When he is wrong he will collect his cash flow from his stock portfolio and his asset value will recover 

When he is right he will deploy his war chest and collect more cash flow from his stock portfolio and his asset value will one day recover even stronger.

Who can predict the market?

This veteran ----> One veteran sent me this note last night ... 

Another two veterans

Createwealth8888 till today can still remember clearly when two very experienced cyber investing kakis in the stock market who believed in their favourite and trusted Guru's view in Mar 2009 were congratulating themselves for staying very cash rich in Mar 2009. One was 90% cash and the other 100% cash!!! 



  1. CW ... so you reach a status "head you; tail you also win".

    I think market crash will make you wealthier.

    1. I mean "head you win; tail you also win"

    2. i no head no tail..dunno how to win

    3. i no head no tail..dunno how to win

    4. No leh;
      Still lose to inflation.
      But in real life there is a person who loves living life this way.
      MarketWatch: What’s been your (and Reacher’s) biggest money mistake?

      Lee Child: Reacher’s and mine would be the same, really. And it’s only a mistake half of the time. I only have cash, I bank at the first national bank of Sealy Posturepedic. All my money is just in a checking or savings account. I have no investments, no stocks, no shares, no vehicles, no nothing. It just sits in the bank, which makes me look really smart in bad times. I never lost a cent, ever, in the ups and downs, but of course I’ve never made a cent either when times are good. So sometimes you look dumb and sometimes you look smart. I’ve got real estate, but I have no stocks, no mutual funds, nothing at all.

      i only wish i can afford to live like him.
      But then even i could afford, i don't think i will live like him.
      Who knows?

    5. I still believe some may not need to invest and still have more than enough to overcome future inflation

  2. Ya!
    He said he got real estate, leh.
    That SO a GUN.


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