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Tuesday 6 January 2015

Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask!

Just For Thinking ...

Depending on who you ask for financial opinion or investment idea. 

You will likely to get the answer or response based on that person's experience or encounter for that question.

When you asked Uncle8888 ...

Top up CPF SA from CPF OA?

Yes. But, he only did once and never again. 

How come?

For an example, when we transfer $100K from our CPF OA to CPF SA, we indirectly will "lose" $35K as War Chest in our CPF Investment Account.

The fact, we may be trading off potential P/L on this $35K War Chest for fixed 1.5% CAGR in our CPF SA year on year till the next market crash to deploy our war chest.

So it is really about “A bird in the hand is worth waiting for many more birds in the bush”?

Read? Powerful Compounding Machine At Work???

Do we strongly believe there will be market crashes or Great Stocks Sales in the stock market?

Is 2.5% return in our CPF OA more than enough to cure our itchy backside to wait for once or twice in our lifetime great opportunity for many more birds in the bush by taking some risks?

Think about it?

You may want to see for yourself how many 1.5% CAGR birds in the bush he has caught in the past Great Stocks Sales?


  1. the qn is. why and when did you do that first transfer?

    1. Long long ago. Sometime, the more we spend our time reading and visiting forums, we will get influenced by good financial opinions and investment ideas.

      4% CAGR is definitely good enough for most people. Can Do!

  2. Some people top-up their SA using cash.

    By doing so, they also save some tax money.

  3. The CPF fund is monthly compute if i remember correctly. Another is SA can invest too but narrower. Appear includes ETFs which i think well cover the situation.


  4. Why top up SA from OA and then invest?

    If want to invest should have done from OA.

    Monthly? Don't think so.

    From my RA, it is yearly. First $40K @ 5% and rest of RA @ 4%

    RA is easily computed by hand. No change in initial amount. Direct compounding from Year 1.


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